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Navigating the Changes to the New York Appellate Division Rules

1h 16m

Created on August 23, 2018




Confused about Appellate Division e-filing in New York? Which appeals must be e-filed? Do you know which formatting rules are changing and which are staying the same? Which rules are the same in all four Departments of the Appellate Division now? You don't want to miss this unique opportunity to have your appellate questions answered.

This experienced panel, consisting of Jacquelyn Mouquin and Michael Kestan of AppealTech, in conjunction with Vincent Chirico of Chirico Law PLLC, will address how the recently implemented Uniform E-filing Rules and upcoming Uniform Procedural Rules of the Appellate Divisions have impacted all four departments. The discussion will also address how the Uniform Rules have and will impact practice and brief writing.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the new rule changes in the Appellate Division, First & Second Judicial Department, specifically concerning the following changes:

    1. Court-Specific papers to be e-filed

    2. Court's timing for review of documents, assigning docket numbers, etc.

    3. Challenges/things to watch out for

    4. Where the court is opting out

    5. Where the court is participating

    6. Significant differences from previous practice in AD1

    7. Differences in application between the four departments of the Appellate Division

  2. Review the timing of the rule changes

  3. Discern the impact on practice and writing style for appeals based on new rules

  4. Compare new differences and similarities to the Third Department and Fourth Department

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