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Navigating New York Custody Disputes When Substance Abuse & Addiction Are At Issue


Created on April 18, 2019




Custody disputes between married or unmarried parents can be difficult to manage, but when substance use and addiction are at issue, a resolution of custody for the family may seem impossible. This program provides a discussion of issues that may be encountered in a custody dispute, ways to address them, and how to protect your client while also considering the family as a whole. Presented by Emily S. Pollock and Kelly A. Frawley, partners in the matrimonial and family law department of Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, this program will provide an overview of the laws and practical considerations a practitioner should keep in mind when representing a parent in a custody dispute involving substance use and addiction.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify when substance use should be addressed in the context of a custody case
  2. Review the monitoring techniques including testing, treatment and supervision, and the duration of said monitoring
  3. Examine different strategies when representing the user vs. the non-user
  4. Decide when to seek judicial intervention if a parent or both parents have substance abuse issues
  5. Explore how to work in conjunction with an Attorney for the Children
  6. Become familiar with various provisions for increased parenting time and monitoring protocol in a divorce agreement
  7. Consider the impact of a parent's criminal case pending simultaneously with the custodial matter
  8. Discuss when to involve non-legal professionals

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