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Navigating International Surrogacy Arrangements


Created on July 26, 2021





Advances in assisted reproductive technologies have led to more prospective parents looking to surrogacy to complete their families. Surrogacy in the United States can be cost prohibitive, and intended parents may choose to pursue their surrogacy journeys in other countries. However, participating in third party reproduction arrangements across international lines comes with complex legal issues which are often difficult to navigate.

This course explores the history of international surrogacy, highlighting important cases and developments, and gives an overview of the practice of surrogacy across borders today. In addition, we discuss considerations for practitioners who are assisting international clients in their surrogacy journeys in the United States.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss the variations in surrogacy practice across the globe

  2. Identify the unique legal implications and pitfalls presented by cross-border surrogacy

  3. Explore best practices for assisting international intended parents pursuing surrogacy in the United States

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