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Navigating HIPAA and Healthcare Privacy Trends and Impacts

1h 4m

Created on June 03, 2021





This program will discuss many of the compelling and timely "need to know" topics surrounding HIPAA and other privacy issues in healthcare, and how they relate with both telemedicine and the new information blocking regulations that providers had to comply with starting on April 5, 2021. The course will cover: 1) the proposed HIPAA regulations published December 2020, the changes and what this means in practicality; 2) OCR's multiple enforcement actions against providers for failure to provide patients with required access to records; 3) OCR's audit report on healthcare industry compliance with HIPAA; 4) the current status of HIPAA non-enforcement and ability to provide telemedicine, and what to expect; 5) the interplay between information blocking regulations and HIPAA requirements; 6) OCR guidance on HIPAA and health information exchanges, and 7)collaboration by providers and others to data share (including Google and U-Chicago) and legal/HIPAA challenges to these initiatives. 

This program will benefit healthcare attorneys and privacy law attorneys advising healthcare providers and entities. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the new HIPAA and healthcare privacy regulations

  2. Articulate the impact of healthcare privacy on telemedicine

  3. Assess the OCR enforcement landscape

  4. Discuss initiatives that would allow healthcare providers to share data, the benefits of these schemes, and the legal challenges

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