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Navigating Failure-to-Accommodate Housing Discrimination Lawsuits


Created on October 01, 2021





Discrimination litigation is happening everywhere, every day, across the United States. Did you know that a subset of discrimination litigation, failure-to-accommodate litigation, has nothing to do with discriminatory intent whatsoever? This means that defendants across the country are losing cases, and countless amounts of monetary damages/penalties, because they just don't know the rules of the game. It means that you, a licensed attorney, may even be discriminating against others without knowing it.

This two-hour CLE will teach you how to play the game and then, you can offer invaluable advice and counsel services to your clients whether they be landlords, property managers, HOA-coop-condo boards, tenants, buyers, or sellers. 

According to the CDC, 26% of US adults have some type of disability, which could qualify an individual to request a reasonable accommodation and/or modification in housing. When they do, are you ready to navigate the process and make smart decisions along the way? After this CLE, you will be ready.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Articulate the definition of a cognizable cause of action for failure-to-accommodate housing discrimination

  2. Identify case law to analyze each element of a failure-to-accommodate housing discrimination claim and apply facts to the case law

  3. Prepare and conduct an interactive process / cooperative dialogue in responding to a request for accommodation/modification

  4. Navigate divergences between Federal, State, and Local law in failure-to-accommodate claims

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