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Navigating Divorce and Preserving Benefits for Clients in their Golden Years

1h 30m

Created on September 17, 2020





In this comprehensive course, attorney Richard Neuworth will provide an in-depth explanation of how to preserve federal benefits for elder clients who are divorcing. He will discuss many of the critical needs of older clients, and review the various sources of income for aging adults, including long term care and health benefits. The course will examine the many public benefits that are affected by marriage and divorce and alternative living arrangements. Those benefits include, but are not limited to, social security, veterans benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, the Affordable Care Act, and federal employee benefits. Viewers will learn how these benefits are impacted by divorce and gain useful strategies for preserving these benefits for their clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the various sources of income available for aging adults, along with healthcare and long term care programs available to them

  2. Examine how public benefits that provide monetary compensation are impacted by divorce

  3. Gain practical tips for preserving federal benefits for divorcing clients

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