Mock Disability Hearing: You v. The ALJ

Production Date: July 11, 2012 Practice Areas: Disability & Social Security Law, Administrative Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 10910 minutes


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Join returning faculty members Scott Daniels, Brian Mittman and Daniel Elias, as they give an in depth look at trial techniques, strategies and ethical considerations in a social security disability hearing.  Mr. Daniels, Mr. Mittman and Mr. Elias begin with a mock social security disability hearing that encompasses the judge, claimant and attorney. They then break down the mock hearing by offering an in depth analysis into the direct examination, interactions with the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and development of the record.  Mr. Daniels and Mr. Mittman conclude with some ethical considerations and provide vital strategies for a successful hearing. Don't miss out on this educational and extremely entertaining CLE course!

Learning Objectives:

I.    View a Mock Trial

II.   Analyze the Components of the Mock Trial

III.  Understand Different Trial Techniques to Help Your Client Be Successful

IV.  Identify Ethical Considerations for Social Security Disability Hearings

V.   Learn Various Trial Strategies


Program Director: Sigalle Barness

Bridget Z.
Somerville, MA

The mock hearing and comments of all speakers were informative and a good way to learn the process.

Therese H.
East Aurora, NY

Although a bit long, this course was well-presented and very thorough.

Richard H.
Seattle, WA

These guys do a nice job

Anthony L.
Wilton, CT

Great team. Very useful presentation

James T.
Pittsford, NY

Excellent course.

Theresa H.
Fort Mill, SC

Excellent presentation. Great course.

Peter L.
Schenectady, NY

I am an attorney for the Social Security Administration and I thought this presentation was excellent.

Robert B.
Annapolis, MD

very thorough if you want to do SSA disability cases watch this video

Stacie F.
New York, NY

Fantastic course. Practical an informative!

Thomas M.
Garden City, NY

Very well done.

Tamela B.
Sacramento, CA

Love this presentation. The mock hearing was excellent! Thank you!!

Rosalie C.
Bridgeport, CT

I'm going to look up these presenters; I think they did well. I loved the Mock Trial as well.

Zara W.
New York, NY

great course, thank you!

Michael H.
Renton, WA

These guys are really good.

Mary M.
Ithaca, NY

very interesting presentation of a useful topic

Matt W.
Montgomery, IL

Loved it! these guys are great. I will watch all of their CLE videos.

Mary Tracey B.
Albany, NY

I found this helpful, I liked the mock trial first.

Lucy M.
Waldport, OR

OK, we should get these guys capes and masks because they qualify as legal super heroes. Like, say, public defenders, they are fighting on the front lines!

Linda C.
Miller Place, NY

Excellent program, I will watch this again

F. Kim C.
Happy Valley, OR

Just plain enjoyable, I'd recommend to anyone.

Damian I.
Medford, OR

This is literally the best CLE I have ever taken.

Robert D.
Butte, MT

Great format

John T.
Vancouver, WA

Very interesting course.

Veronica B.
Smyrna, GA

Super-valuable information!

Everett V.
Denver, CO

Presenters were excellent, and I especially appreciated some of the practice tips they threw in.

Roy W.


robert b.
Portland, OR

Excellent presentation outlining a basic scenario is disability law. Well rounded and dense with practical knowledge.

Sam P.
Salem, OR

Excellent presentation.

Kirk L.
Black Mountain, NC


Marjorie P.
The Woodlands, TX

This was an EXCELLENT seminar!

Larson E.
Mobile, AL

All of the courses presented by these speakers are packed with information

David W.
New York, NY

Simply Excellent

Mark F.
Louisville, KY

I sent out texts during a break I took, recommending it to colleagues, very informative and very fair price, first time I have tried online,

Steven B.
Chicago, IL

Interesting and informative presentation. Very useful.

Frances M.
Lee, IL

Very Interesting, inspiring

Matthew S.
Farmers Branch, TX

One of the better presentations I've or via the web.

moses l.
cedarhurst, NY

very interesting and highly informative

Phillip G.
Corpus Christi, TX

Great guys.

Gerald C.
mount morris, NY

very informative

Amber R.
San Francisco, CA

great speakers!

Ronald R.
Bronx, NY

Excellent assistance by Julie, Lawline employee.

Rubin F.
Bellaire, TX

Great insight into the workings of a disability case.

Mary E G.
Spicewood, TX

For the last hour, the presentation kept buffering which means it lasted at least 30 minutes longer than stated....very annoying. I restarted my computer. The presentation started off well for 5 minutes then it started buffering again, limping toward the

Mark O.

a tough subject admirably pitched

Monica W.
Atlanta, GA

A very helpful and information program. My only wish is that there had been more slides to save as notes for later.

Karina G.
Elizabeth, NJ

Excellent! Very informative.

Thomas O.
Portland, OR

As I was listening to this course, I kept thinking that I wished that more of my law school curriculum was in this format. This was a very useful course that gave me a clear picture of this area of practice.

Shalas B.
Aloha, OR

I am inspire to learn more about this area of law.

Hamilton R.
houston, TX

Great material

Mandy B.
Portland, OR

This is one of the best CLEs I have seen - extremely informative and interesting to listen to. Professional and well-paced. Thank you!

Shilpa S.
Woodland Park, NJ

Great substantive CLE

Robert P.
Houston, TX

Very practical!

Maria T.
Timonium, AL

Excellent, straight forward presentation of detailed information and practice guides for dealing with SSA and clients. Well worth the three hours to listen closely.

Linda M.
Fort Worth, TX


Debra O.
Flushing, NY

Best course I've watched on Lawline so far. Speakers were dynamic and knowledgable

Zachary S.
East Montpelier, VT

great job

David F.
Hoboken, NJ

Interesting contrast between the three different speakers

David H.
Conroe, TX

I rate this in top 5 of all seminars/CLE's in which I have participated

Kenneth W.
Houston, TX

Excellent speakers and attorneys. They are a credit to the profession.

Brian D.
Hawthorne, NY

good program

Erika M.
San Antonio, TX

Very interesting to see how these hearings are conducted

Diane O.
Gambrills, MD

Very good format with the mock hearing and dissection of it afterward - gives presentation a great context for learning. Well done.

Dinah M.
League City, TX

Mock hearing is very informative.

Maureen O.
Lombard, IL

Very engaging format.

Dena R.
Little Elm, TX

Enjoyed the mock hearing

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Coral Gables, FL

The speakers were amazing and the materials were really informative.

Antoinette R.
Franklin Park, IL

very informative

Marcus P.
Port Neches, TX


Gil M.
Holbrook, NY

I appeared opposite Brian Mittman several times many years ago. He is a very smart fellow and a fine gentleman and he and his colleagues did an excellent job here.

Frederick S.
Glendale Heights, IL

Great course. Covered all the aspects very well.

James K. H.
Cleburne, TX

Very good

marcelo m.

very good imformation!

David E.
Houston, TX

good value

Dileep R.
Houston, TX

mock hearing was a nice touch.

Erica H.
Antioch, IL

Nice format. More engaging than most of these.

Alfred M.
Houston, TX

Great Seminar

Patricia N.
Arlington Heights, IL

practical information

Kristen S.
Alexandria, VA

Great thanks!

Stephanie S.
Texarkana, TX

These guys are fantastic! I can see why they win so many disability cases!

Joan R.
New York, NY

presentation through mock forum with multiple presenters very effective

thomas t.
chicago, IL

good team, worked well together.

Thomas E.
Scarsdale, NY

Creative, well done presentation.

Diane L.
Oklahoma City, OK

The mock Social Security disability hearing was well presented as well as the follow-up analysis and discussion of ethics, most particularly with CFR emphasis.

Alice G.
Bertram, TX

Great program!

Evan P.
San Angelo, TX

Absolutely superb CLE.

Anna Louise G.
Houston, TX

Great presentation. I liked the varied approach, with the mock hearing first and the analysis after, and having three presenters.

Janice O.
Houston, TX

The presentation gave me numerous points that I can & will use in (administrative) hearings in my legal practice area - immigration law.

Christopher E.
Dallas, TX

Great instructors!

Dean K.
Dallas, TX

The format was entertaining and informative with the three speakers and questions from the audience.

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Athens, TX

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Fayetteville, AR

This presents a thorough explanation of how to try these cases

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Peekskill, NY

Excellent. The mock trial then breakdown of the procedure was great

Thomas R.
Houston, TX

Really good! Thanks!

Joann P.
White Plains, NY

I thought that the use of the mock hearing, together with the explanatory lectures, was very effective

Tony M.
North Bethesda, MD

well-done program

Ivan K.
New York, NY

The concept was very helpful, these guys really know their stuff.

Ellen W.

Good format. Interesting and informative.

Barbara S.
Forest Hills, NY

Detailed practical information, clear and pleasant to follow, insights only experienced practitioners can give, very valuable.