Medical Malpractice Claims Overview

Production Date: September 21, 2015 Practice Areas: Personal Injury and Negligence Estimated Length: 3689 minutes


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Medical malpractice is one of the more complex and expensive subsections of personal injury law. The purpose of this course is to give you a general understanding of whether or not a potential client has an actionable medical malpractice claim and to escape some common pitfalls that are easily avoidable with proper preparation.  


Most states require an affidavit or certification of merit to file a malpractice matter. In many instances, this can be costly only to find out that you do not have a case. This course, led by medical malpractice attorney Lance Brown, will give you the tools necessary to properly screen your clients’ cases to maximize your bottom line and avoid spending your time - and your clients’ time - on dead end cases.  


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Understand whether or not your potential client has a viable medical malpractice claim by: 

  • learning how doctors think
  • understanding the medical judgment rule
  • understanding the likely defenses to your case

II.    Overcome objections to the viability of the claim 

III.   Prepare properly for a medical malpractice matter

IV.   Grasp how to best handle a false positive case

V.    Identify the best ways to handle a wrongful birth case

Dorothy K.
New City, NY

i learned more than 3 useful things

Kenneth S.
Dallas, TX

One of the best CLE online reports that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Attorney was well spoken, and knew his issue to the max!!! Excellent! Ken

rosemarie p.
Easton, CT

great his examples...and stratagy

Tudor N.
Philadelphia, PA

Great med mal seminar.

Andrew E.
McLean, VA

Presenter appears very well informed in the area. Presentation was a bit scattered and some topics were a bit specific for an introduction to the topic (e.g., wrongful birth tangent).

Lynn T.
Plano, TX

Lance Brown was an awesome speaker and I did, in fact, learn 3 useful facts.

Adria B.
Gainesville, VA

Well done & informative!

Susan K.
Oceanside, NY

Very informative, good program

Barry A.
Lynchburg, VA

Down to earth and educational.

Thomas A.
Lewisville, TX


Ronald R.
Burke, VA

Some really basic things that were covered very well by Lance Brown. He also gave us a number vital suggestions that are not so basic and obvious. Excellent presentation.

Edward B.
Hanover, NH

very practical oriented

Ellen C.
Rockaway Park, NY

Good practical review

Shalas B.
Aloha, OR

The speaker did provide three useful things. I'm impressed that he started his own practice and taught himself some useful tactics.

Terence S.
seattle, WA

Absolutely superb. Much more than the "three useful things" promised! GREAT technique tips! Thanks from Terry!

Vicki B.
Minneapolis, MN

Great presentation with helpful practice pointers. Thanks!

Nancy K.
Arlington, VA

Do need more time --- instructor very good - would like to see more courses with him.

Dana T.
Olney, MD

Gave a lot of useful information.