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Mediation Skills for Plaintiffs Lawyers in Personal Injury Cases: How to Present Your Case & Maximize Damages


Created on February 22, 2021




Join attorney Justin Blitz to discuss everything plaintiffs attorneys need to know to present their case and maximize damages during mediation in personal injury cases. First, the course will present tips on drafting an effective mediation statement and presentation for attorneys representing plaintiffs in all personal and catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Next, Mr. Blitz will provide tips and strategies for mediation preparation, whether in person or virtually. He will address all aspects of mediation preparation, including possible witness preparation, including ways to deal with experts' opinions leading up to and during mediation, and tips and strategies for highlighting flaws in your adversary's experts and arguments. The course will also include ways to use demonstrative evidence most effectively in the mediation presentation, and strategies for negotiating with opposing counsel overvalue and settlement amount. There will also be a discussion regarding proving how to maximize and effectively show pecuniary losses at mediation and ways to establish pain and suffering most effectively.  

This course will benefit plaintiff-side personal injury attorneys. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Draft an effective mediation statement
  2. Prepare for and give successful presentations at mediations
  3. Effectively use technology and demonstrative during mediation to show the devastation the injury caused
  4. Highlight pain and suffering claims
  5. Prepare and incorporate your expert's opinions to prove damages
  6. Negotiate with opposing counsel overvalue and settlement amount
  7. Maximize damages at mediation for injured plaintiffs in personal injury cases   

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