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Mediation for Plaintiffs in Personal Injury Cases


Created on May 10, 2018



Join attorney Justin Blitz as he offers tips and techniques as to get the most out of mediation in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. In this course, Mr. Blitz will discuss various issues related to representing plaintiffs in personal injury at mediation. He will begin with discussing when a case is ripe for mediation and when you should agree to mediate (and not to agree to mediate) a case. He will also provide tips and strategies on approaching the mediations and how to choose the appropriate and most effective neutral. The course will also touch on preparing and presenting a mediation package, as well as strategies on the actual negotiation process and how to get the most compensation for your client at mediation.

Mr. Blitz will also discuss his three step approach to mediation and provide tips on how to approach mediation settlement discussions and when to leave the mediation despite an offer on the table. Additionally, he will address topics including what to include in your mediation package, and will also discuss tips on discovering whether the other side is negotiating in good faith, how to handle talks with the neutral, and tips on presenting your case at the mediation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Effectively approach mediations
  2. Identify when to mediate a case and when to know a case is ripe for mediation (and when a case is legally appropriate for mediation)
  3. Choose the appropriate neutral
  4. Appreciate the use of technology and demonstrative evidence to show the devastation of an injury at mediation
  5. Present effectively to both parties at mediation
  6. Discuss tactics for post-mediation if a case does not get resolved

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