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Mediation: A Solution for Guiding Divorce through Religion and Culture

1h 10m

Created on October 08, 2021





In today's world, we have seen an increase in non-American-born parents experiencing separation and divorce. Oftentimes in a marital dissolution, unique issues arise that may be considered impertinent by court standards but are substantial to the household of the parties in dispute. What happens when your clients dissolving their marriage fall into a dispute regarding cultural or religious differences, but courts find such issues trivial in the eyes of the law?

This program, presented by Jeanann Khalife of Alternative Divorce Solutions, will provide an overview of the laws and considerations a practitioner should keep in mind when approaching gray areas of diversity in ceremony, tradition, and customs that courts may or may not address regarding parenting practices, child-rearing expectations, and family dynamics in property, child custody, and spousal support.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze policy and case laws that pose challenges and hindrances to the divorce process

  2. Identify issues raised in cultural and religious families involved in family and divorce disputes

  3. Discuss how to approach cultural and religious considerations in divorce and prenuptial processes

  4. Develop tailored tools and checklists to facilitate strong discussions and solutions around clients' cultural backgrounds to address their needs

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