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Mechanic's Lien Primer for the NY Real Estate Lawyer: Understanding the Mechanics of Mechanic's Liens and Why They Might Matter on Your Next Deal

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Produced on March 24, 2017

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Time 52m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Real Estate

Course Description

In an uncertain economic and real estate climate such as today's, it is important for the successful real estate practitioner to have a fundamental understanding of construction/mechanic's liens. Often touted by contractors and subcontractors as the ultimate protective measure of their payment interests, the filing of a lien against a property or project and the resultant clouding of title can have real world dire consequences for the property owner and developer, the present and future financing of the affected real property, and the overall success of a project.

Through an in-depth overview of the mechanics of mechanic's liens, Jeffrey Escobar covers from a real estate practitioner's perspective what exactly a mechanic's lien is, its purpose, the effect such a lien has against existing and future real property interests and title, the best practices you can use to ensure that your secured interests prevail over that of potential mechanic's liens, and why mechanic's liens might fundamentally matter on your next deal.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand what a mechanic’s lien is and its purpose
  2. Explore the effects mechanic’s liens have on real property interests and title
  3. Examine the consequences a lien against a property can have on a property developer, and future financing of your project
  4. Discuss best practices to ensure that your secured interests prevail over potential mechanic’s liens 

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Jeffrey R. Escobar

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Jeff advises horizontal and vertical project owners, real estate companies, joint ventures, institutional owners, closely-held developers, lenders, investors, sponsors, project companies, private and public utility companies and private equity funds across the US and throughout the Americas on their financing and deployment of capital on their most complex and large-scale commercial real estate, energy, infrastructure, transportation, and renewable energy projects. Applying a deep sense of practicality and business acumen, Jeff provides clients with key insight and in-depth knowledge into every stage of project and real estate development, construction and financing.

From the construction of a professional sports stadium and the only aerial commuter tramway system in the country in New York City, to the development and construction of large luxury apartment communities in Los Angeles County and the engineering of energy facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, Jeff has led hundreds of large and complex vertical and horizontal projects spanning the Americas on behalf of key players in the merchant gas and energy, renewable energy, infrastructure, and commercial real estate industries and spaces.

Truly, there is no commercial, energy, infrastructure, real estate, construction or development project too large or too small that Jeff has not had experience leading.


Alisa Y.

The sample clauses provided excellent practical advice.

patricia C.

Good info

Gerard M.

The moderator spoke a bit fast, but he was very knowledgeable.

Dennis D.

excellent presintation

Alex K.

Very good instructor.

Steven B.


Mary Beth M.

He is the BEST presenter I have ever seen in a CLE! I had to continually pause the program just so I could keep taking notes. EXCELLENT & very informative. Great program!

Christina M.

Covered the material well.

Meredith M.

Very thorough and easy to follow presentation. I highly recommend.

Holly R.

Good presenter, clearly knowledgeable. Thank you!

Hubert L.

Very clear and informative

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