Maximizing Your Potential for Success at Mediation

Production Date: July 22, 2014 Practice Areas: Alternative Dispute Resolution and General Estimated Length: 3621 minutes


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Mediation has become one of the most valuable tools an attorney can use to settle a dispute. In this presentation, National Law Journal’s #1 mediator of 2014, Hon. John DiBlasi, discusses the effective tools to maximize profit within meditation. The presentation begins with skills to prepare for mediation.  From there, Justice DiBlasi offers techniques for having a valuable joint session along with settlement agreements. He concludes the presentation with an in-depth conversation on how to maintain negotiations post-mediation.


Justice DiBlasi is a former Justice of the New York State Supreme Court and is exclusively affiliated with National Arbitration and Mediation.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Prepare you and your client for mediation

II.   Understand how to make the best of the joint session

III.  Communicate and prepare a settlement agreement

IV.  Continue negotiations post-mediation 


Robert A.
White Plains, NY

The Judge was very practical in his approach.

Jonathan B.
Stratford, CT

excellent, the importance of emotion and understanding it.

christopher m.
walnut creek, CA

Excellent speaker

Michael W.
Orange, CT

Nice overview of process and need for parameters.

Jennifer K.
Lexington, MA


Scott M.
Phoenix, AZ

Good lecture!

Paul H.
New York, NY

nice inside look at mediation

Ronald W.
Fairfield, CT

This was the best course I have watched to date.

Judith R.
Short Hills, LB

Excellent recommendations; wish I'd seen this sooner!

Linda L.
Manchester, CT

Yes I liked this informative presentation.

Kenneth G.
Greenwich, CT

He starts out by saying that different mediators have different styles -- a true statement. Much of the rest of the lecture is how to be effective with HIS style, and is useful. The lecture is less useful if you have a mediator who has a diferent approach.

Austin G.


Michael H.
Duson, LA

Very good information!

Marsha W.
Manhattan, NY

Excellent presentation.

Craig A.
Bellingham, WA

Hon. John DiBlasi was very informative and articulated the subject well.

Andrea B.
Morganville, NJ

Excellent presentation.

Alon M.
New York, NY

Lecture was focused and effective; lecturer provided clear and pragmatic advice for litigators regarding mediation.

Cynthia Coulter M.
Monrovia, CA

I have been an attorney for 20+ years. Most of my cases resolve by mediation. This was the most practical and concise MCLE presentation on the topic that I have heard.

Loren P.
Wayne, NJ

This course provided practical information on the mediation process.

Joseph F.
ossining, NY

Great presentation.

Michael P.
Dana Point, CA

Good presentation

Robert W.
West Chester, PA

Excellent presentation. also very good slides. Great information. Thank you.

Barry S.
Washington, DC


New York, NY

One of the best CLEs I've seen!

Patrick O.
Brooklyn, NY

I can see why he's so successful in mediation!

Joseph F.
Manhattan, NY

I would like to have Judge DiBlasi handle my next mediation. He is terrific.

thomas t.
chicago, IL

great clarity and sense of great wisdom in Judge handing over 3000 mediations

Don K.
Houston, TX


Tod S.
Saint Johns, FL

Outstanding course!

Leah K.
Gibsonia, PA

Speaker was excellent.

John B.
Seattle, WA

Best CLE I have seen in a long time.

S.A. M.
Atlanta, GA

Dynamic presenter who is NOT boring at all. Great presentation. 100% recommend it

Kenneth G.
Manhattan, NY

Excellent speaker

Paul F. C.
North Aurora, IL

Outstanding and very practical discourse on a little understood process

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

Really a solid presentation!!! His insights are based on common sense, and his practical approach based on experience is terrific!!! His warnings to "do this" and "don't do that" seem to be right on the money!! If one wants to settle a big case, give John a call!!!

David J.
Pompano Beach, FL

This was a very informative course.

Rickey B.
Fort Worth, TX

very good program

Joseph D.
White Plains, NY

Another first rate course. Organized and to the point with no padding or wasted words. Judge Di Blasi is the best speaker I've heard.

Francis W.
Walton, NY

4 isn't high enough for John!!! So practical & well spoken.

James G.
Colleyville, TX

Excellent practice pointers Will use info in slides to prepare a checklist for myself

Linda K.
Northbrook, IL

Excellent presentation.

Adele O.
Haddonfield, NJ

Terrific seminar -- I think the topic should be expanded, perhaps to two or three hours.

Deborah S.
Hillsborough, NJ

Excellent speaker, good practical advice.

Candace F.
Oceano, CA

excellent presentation.

Kimberly M.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation and I especially appreciated his insight in explaining differences between litigation and mediation

S. Joseph B.
Slippery Rock, PA

Well presented useful information

Kathryn S.
Slippery Rock, PA

Informative and well presented

Tadia W.
Lawrenceville, GA

Great tips to ensure successful mediation.

Nicole N.
Irvine, CA

Great and knowledgeable speaker with excellent insight and instruction on how to work towards meaningful mediation and arbitration.


Great video!

Jonathan W.

Great, professional seminar from someone who really knows their subject.

Charles Y.
Sarasota, FL

very good seminar

Conrad G.
Conroe, TX

Great overview in a one hour presentation that focuses on priorities. Would like a course on the math of offer counter-offer/mid-points, mediator's proposals.

Keith P.
Lexington, KY

Excellent presentation, good coverage of topic and recommendations

Thomas M.
Garden City, NY

Very well done!!

William D.
tallahassee, FL

Excellent course!

D. Larry G.
Riverside, CA

Very informative, easy to listen to.

Louis M.
Bellmawr, NJ

Pretty Good

Kimberly B.
Arden, NC

great tips

Bradley C.
Memphis, TN

Good tips

Wendy Y.
Las Vegas, NV

Excellent speaker and great perspective and advice

Jeremy B.
West Chester, PA

Highest rating. Very interesting. Not sure I totally agree with all of it but thought-provoking and well-presented.

Phyllis C.
new suffolk, NY

Very skillful presenter - style and content


Great presenter!!!!!!!!!!!

Colin Maxwell C.

Well done and informative

David P.
Philadelphia, PA

Very informative speaker.

joel a.
bala cynwyd, PA

The course exceeded my expectations. speaker was great.

Francine C.
Hoboken, NJ

Very informative and interesting

Laurel G.
New York, NY

Surprisingly interesting.

Christopher P.
Manhattan, NY

fantastic presentation

Frank E.
Newport News, VA

Excellent -- and practical -- I have a mediation coming up and I will try out some of the suggested tactics.

Mary Gayle H.
Purcellville, VA

I would have listened longer - very interested and helpful

Raphael B.
Pinecrest, FL

I found the program informative.

Kathryne W.
Chandler, AZ

Loved the approach and wish all mediators took this approach, we would have less litigation and heart renching protracted litigation

Dan K.
Encino, CA


William H.
Alexandria, VA

Good, concise advice.

Paul S.
San Francisco, CA

Another excellent presentation by Judge DiBlasio.

David T.
Denver, CO

Very good

John C.
Largo, FL


Richard G.
Miami, FL

Speaker excellent with experienced advice for success at mediation.

Tara H.
Pittsburgh, PA

Excellent presentation. Provided practical advice.

Jane B.
Millersville, PA

helpful for a practitioner who does not participate in mediation

Brenda W.
glenside, PA

Great info

Leslie M.
Vienna, VA

Nice course.

Robert F.
Patton, PA


Karen M.
Burke, VA


Fred M.
Lewisburg, PA

I found this presentation very worthwhile.

Carl G.
Wilton Manors, FL

Judge DiBlasi was a joy to listen to.

michael c.
Wilmington, DE

Great seminar.

Matthew R.
Coraopolis, PA

I appreciate the insiders view presented here.

Theodore P.
Chicago, IL

good overview of process

Paul M.
Clifton, NJ

Very good overall view of mediation process, presented in an engaging manner.

Robin B.
Arlington, VA

Very useful information

Russell M.
Sherman, TX

This is a good basic program on mediation.

Debra J.
Philadelphia, PA

Great hour!

Mitchell S.
Skokie, IL

DiBlasi does a great job in presenting this material. He clearly knows his subject matter. He is an excellent communicator.

David M.
San Diego, CA

I really enjoyed this speaker. I found the Hon. John DiBlasi to be extremely insightful and he made a number of comments that really resonated. This gentleman is good.

Jerry W.
Deerfield, IL

Best speaker I've heard in these courses

Linda F.
New York, NY

great presentation- gives very good advice as to why mediation statement should be shared with other side.

Ramiro C.
Austin, TX

Excellent advice for mediating a dispute!

Walter T.
Yorktown, VA


Richard R.
Alexandria, VA

Good overview program. I'd be interested in hearing follow-up programs from the same instructor delving into particular issues in more detail.

Michael K.
Nashville, TN

very good content

James D.
Potomac, MD

wish he had at least briefly discussed mediation under the AAA rules

Karen K.
Loveland, CO

Great speaker, gave me new ideas for my mediations.

Bryan L.
New York, NY

Very helpful for mediation practice.

Robert S.
Anaheim, LB

great information suggestions and presentation

Judith P.
Seattle, WA

Understandable and informative.

Shaun S.
San Diego, CA

Very practical. I have some experience on the topic and it was able to confirm much of what I assumed I knew in an organized fashion

James R.
Black River Falls, WI

Good for any attorney considering mediation!

Mary Ellen P.
La Grange, IL

Very professional, interesting and informative.

stuart m.
great falls, VA

Outstanding. Really understands the subject and good observations.

Cristina S.
Manhattan, NY

Excellent course. Great speaker!

Shawn O.
Columbus, OH

He did a very nice job.

Ralph K.
Murfreesboro, TN

Excellent presentation and pacing.

Robert M.
Flag Pond, TN

Very informative.

Jason W.
Houston, TX

Great speaker. Came across informed and helpful.

J. Carlos K.
Manhattan Beach, CA


Anne K.
Longmont, CO

Excellent program, lots of useful tips.

Dana G.

Clear and helpful.

Gary N.
Union, NJ

Great job

Georgian P.
Birmingham, AL

Excellent! Very informative!

Stephen E.
Dallas, TX

Very solid presentation with very sound advice.

Janet F.

I would even ask for Judge DiBlasi as a mediator after seeing this.

David K.
Chicago, IL

Very informative.

Janet S.
Brooklyn, NY


Michael J.
Lake Forest, IL

Good presenter

Gerard M.
hicksville, NY

good presentation

Lawrence G.
Brooklyn, NY

Exactly as billed and well presented

Lawrence F.
New York, NY

One of the best lecturers I have heard.

Daniel B.
Glenview, IL

Excellent speaker

Donald M.
Princeton, NJ

well-spoken, practical, persuasive

Michele L.
Menlo Park, CA

Great presentation. Very helpful.

Anthony L.
Wilton, CT

Judge Di Blasi kept the interest at a high level.

James L.
Staten Island, NY

Excellent. I wish it were longer.

Frank K.
Bayonne, NJ

clearly and concisely presented