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Mandatory Elder Abuse Reporting for Attorneys in Oregon

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Produced on: July 30, 2015

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Elder abuse is a serious growing issue in our society as our population ages. Effective January 1, 2015, attorneys in Oregon became mandatory elder abuse reporters, and the Oregon State Bar requires attorneys to complete regular training in elder abuse reporting as part of their continuing education requirements.


Presenter Ashley L. Vaughn is an attorney with the Dumas Law Group, LLC in Portland, Oregon, and specializes in representing victims of child sexual abuse in civil litigation against the perpetrators and institutions that enabled the abuse. She guides you through these new mandatory reporting requirements, including what it actually means to be a “mandatory reporter;” what type of conduct qualifies as elder abuse, the similarities and differences between your obligations as a mandatory reporter of child abuse versus elder abuse, and ethical pitfalls to avoid.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Grasp what it means to be a “mandatory reporter” of elder abuse and why attorneys are now being made mandatory reporters of elder abuse in Oregon 

II.   Identify who qualifies as a mandatory reporter in Oregon 

III.  Understand when and how an attorney mandatory reporter makes a report 

IV.  Recognize, after a report is made, how that report is handled 

V.   Grasp what the repercussions are for: 

  • failing to make a report when it was required 
  • an erroneous report of elder abuse



Ashley L. Vaughn

Dumas Law Group, LLC

Advocating for people who have been mistreated or victimized is Ashley’s legal passion. At the Dumas Law Group, Ashley’s practice focuses on representing victims of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence, as well as employees and small businesses in employment-related civil litigation. She handles all aspects of preparing cases for trial, including drafting legal motions on cutting-edge legal theories, arguing for her clients in court, and negotiating significant settlements. Ashley has tackled legal issues for her clients in federal and state courts in Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Idaho, Montana, New York, and New Mexico.

Ashley graduated cum laude from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2011. During law school, she kept busy by clerking for the District Attorney’s office, where she worked on a wide range of criminal cases and took several cases to trial; volunteering with the National Crime Victims Law Institute, an organization at the forefront of developments in victims’ rights nationwide; and serving as a Lead Article Editor for the Lewis and Clark Law Review. After law school, she became an associate attorney at O’Donnell Clark & Crew LLP, where she gained substantial civil litigation experience in abuse and employment cases.

Ashley is an active member of the state and federal bars in Oregon and is a board member of the American Constitution Society Oregon Lawyers Division and Reading Results, a local nonprofit committed to improving the reading skills of underprivileged youth by third grade. She does pro bono work for Legal Aid Services of Oregon and the Victims Rights Law Center, and regularly volunteers with the Oregon Ballet Theater. She spends most of her free time hanging out with her dog Lady, reading, trying new recipes, and exploring Oregon’s outdoors.


Audrey W.

Fantastic presenter

robert b.

concise and clear explanation of relatively new elder abuse reporting. thank you.

Maria D.

Great presenter.

Travis Y.

Very nice, thorough and authoritative presentation. Thank you!

F. Kim C.

I appreciated the way the speaker defined the goals of what she was teaching and tied back sections of her presentation to those goals.

Gary D.

Very organized and well presented.

David F.

Very helpful-- inspired me to learn more law about elder abuse.

Dale S.

Enjoyed speaker... clear, concise, to the point.

Meri G.

This speaker was the best of them all so far. Other drone on and go down paths of irrelevant subject matter She is a star

Kathryn P.

Well organized, thoughtful and clear overview of topic with good slides.

Carl S.

Very good CLE!

Christopher K.

Great program

Stuart T.

a sad but necessary issue to be understood

John P.

very well organized and good use of slides.

Gail F.

Great information

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