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Managing the Workplace Using Data Analytics: What Today’s Workplace Lawyer Needs to Know

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Produced on May 25, 2017

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

The use of analytics is booming, and the average person encounters analytics in action every day. From the advertisements you see while browsing the internet, to the rate quotes you receive from your health insurer, analytics plays a role. Unsurprisingly, employers have also begun using analytics to manage the workplace. Examples include predictions about which employees are most likely to leave the organization, which applicants will be the best employees, and the use of employee data to set pay. But some observers, including government agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Trade Commission, and the White House, have expressed concern about the use of analytics and its potential to exclude segments of the population from employment and other opportunities.

Join Eric J. Felsberg, Principal and National Director of JL Data Analytics at Jackson Lewis P.C., the national management-side labor and employment law firm, to remove the mystery around analytics, discuss the benefits and pitfalls of analytics use, review several case studies, and learn best practice tips for leveraging workplace analytics and deploying a workplace analytics program. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Identify current uses and future developments in workplace analytics
  2. Review the considerations when leveraging workplace analytics, including the benefits of saving resources, the pitfalls of disparate treatment and impacts, and the role of attorney-client privilege
  3. Understand how to responsibly leverage data and inform workplace decision-making around hiring, retention, and pay scales
  4. Review select case studies and assess the government perspective on workplace analytics use

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Eric J. Felsberg

Jackson Lewis P.C.

As the National Director of JL Data Analytics Group, Mr. Felsberg leads a team of multi-disciplinary lawyers, statisticians, data scientists, and analysts with decades of experience managing the interplay of data analytics and the law. Under Mr. Felsberg’s leadership, the Data Analytics Group applies proprietary algorithms and state-of-the-art modeling techniques to help employers evaluate risk and drive legal strategy. In addition to other services, the team offers talent analytics for recruitment, workforce management and equity and policy assessments through predictive modeling, partners with employers in the design of data-driven solutions that comply with applicable workplace law, manages and synthesizes large data sets from myriad sources into analyzable formats, provides compliance assessment and litigation support services including damage calculations, risk assessments, and selection decision analyses, and offers strategic labor relations assistance including determination of long term costs of collective bargaining agreements, review of compliance with collectively bargained compensation plans and assessment of the efficacy of training programs. The JL Data Analytics Group designs its service delivery models to maximize the protections afforded by the attorney-client and other privileges.

Mr. Felsberg also provides training and daily counsel to employers in various industries on day-to-day employment issues and the range of federal, state, and local affirmative action compliance obligations. Mr. Felsberg works closely with employers to prepare affirmative action plans for submission to the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) during which he analyzes and investigates personnel selection and compensation systems. Mr. Felsberg has successfully represented employers during OFCCP compliance reviews, OFCCP individual complaint investigations, and in matters involving OFCCP claims of class-based discrimination. He regularly evaluates and counsels employers regarding compensation systems both proactively as well as in response to complaints and enforcement actions.

Mr. Felsberg is an accomplished and recognized speaker on issues of workplace analytics and affirmative action compliance.

While at Hofstra University School of Law, Mr. Felsberg served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal.


Jane P.

One of the best I have seen on Lawline. Well presented, fast paced and interesting!

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Interesting lecture, combining modern HR practices and law. I liked it

Thomas K.

Excellent presentation.

Lori F.

Informative. Great examples.

Bernard Alan S.

Good job

Micheal D.

Really useful info applied through relatable facts first and then connected to the workplace. Trendy and becoming more popular so a great topic.

Bilar M.

Very informative and clear.

Aaron K.

More like this!

Laurie S.

Thank you!

Anjanette B.


jane M.

Excellent course!

Pearson B.

very well presented

Melvin M.

one of the best

Susan M.

Informative and engaging. Good useful examples of legal application.

Simon Z.

Very good program.

Michael B.

good, useful.

R John S.

Very informative

Laura C.

Interesting look into the issues in this area of analytics.

Christine D.

Good speaker. Fascinating topic

Frederick M.


Folasade A.

Well delivered lecture!

Janice T.


Samuel M.

I never contemplated analytics in regards to employment until this individual made it relevant.

Charis O.

Content was terrific because it called attention to issues with discrimination that are not immediately apparent in hiring and analyzing for disparate impact.

Kengo O.


gail w.

Very relevant and interesting material and a dynamic presentation. One of the best I have seen.

Susan M. B.

Extremely enjoyable and informative presentation.

Theodore P.

really good

Elizabeth N.

great CLE... to the point. thanks!

Mark C.


Savonala H.

Excellent and .Very thorough

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Opened my eyes to a whole new area of employment law issues. Great!

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John C.

Presenter was very knowledgeable

Richard B.

I believe many of the basic principles discussed have application outside of labor law field. Good program.

Lloyd G.

Excelent presenter and Interesting material.

P D.

The lecturer was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and enjoyable. A topic I was unaware of, i.e., the use of analytics in the Human Resource field. I highly recommend this lecturer and the subject matter. I would attend another advanced seminar by this person.

Sheldon T.

Thought provoking presentation.

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Interesting new way to look at the use of statistics/ data.

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excellent speaker, interesting presentation

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thank you

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very good

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unique topic. didn't know much about it until now. easy to understand.

Mitzi G.

Very informative.

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