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Managing the Total Cost of Document Review: A Step-by-Step View

1h 1m

Created on December 27, 2022





It's easy to assume that if you want to reduce the total cost of document review, then you should try to reduce the various line-item costs that go into eDiscovery Collections, Legal Holds, and Review. However, the biggest economic driver in reducing the total cost of review is finding technology-based approaches to reduce the total number of documents reviewed. This approach generates significantly more cost savings than trying to negotiate line-item discounts. In this program, Lia Miaji, CEO of Acorn Legal, and  Robin LeDonne, Senior Project Advisor at Acorn Legal will discuss actionable strategies to improve your workflow leading up to review and walk through a series of scenarios.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the implications and importances of e-discovery document review

  2. Analyze scenarios where e-discovery can be cost effective for you and your clients

  3. Identify e-discovery best practices that can positively effect the bottom line

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