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Managing Risk in the #MeToo Era


Created on June 26, 2018




The legal landscape of the workplace is undergoing rapid transformation. In the Media & Entertainment industry, the fallout from workplace disruptions resulting from the heightened sensitivity brought on by the #MeToo movement can be amplified by the public nature of the industry itself. Whether currently facing harassment allegations, potentially susceptible to an increase in claims, or just trying to implement preventative policies and practices, it is critical to create a positive culture for the firm, employees and all with whom they interact in the workplace.

This program, presented by Marc S. Wenger, will offer proactive strategies to minimize employment law claims in light of recent Supreme Court authority and newly enacted state and local legislation.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Develop proactive strategies to minimize employment law claims through proper use of:
    1. Arbitration agreements
    2. Nondisclosure agreements
    3. Effective policies and training
  2. Examine how to comply with recent judicial and legislative developments, including new state and local laws regarding sexual harassment
  3. Explore how to maximize the opportunity provided by the Supreme Court's decision in Epic Systems v Lewis without running afoul of state and local statutory restrictions
  4. Discuss the Pros and cons of arbitration and other risk management tools
  5. Identify unique issues impacting public figures in the media and entertainment industry

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