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Managing Immigration Compliance in a Remote and Hybrid Post-Pandemic World


Created on September 16, 2021





The pandemic has dramatically shifted how and where we work, creating significant challenges for employers in managing Form I-9 compliance and employment visas for remote employees. Many employers now hire and employ employees completely remotely, which creates a whole host of issues with I-9 compliance. Additionally, work from home, or other remote or hybrid working arrangements, have now become the norm, rather than the exception, which can adversely affect employment visas, perhaps even unknowingly invalidating them. These are new issues that require analysis and new sets of procedures to address. Combine this with the constantly changing procedures, rules and policies announced by USCIS, CBP, DOS, and ICE it is critical for business owners, executives, and HR professionals to adapt so they can maintain compliance and mitigate risk.

This program will benefit immigration attorneys as well as business attorneys seeking to stay up to date on immigration compliance issues for corporate clients. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Complete an I-9 for new remote employees

  2. Manage I-9 Compliance issues for existing (now) remote employees

  3. Review visa issues arising out of a remote/hybrid workforce

  4. Identify issues with visa sponsorship for new employees in the post-pandemic world

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