Making Federal Lands Great Again: Recent Issues and Trends for Energy Development

Production Date: July 17, 2017 Practice Areas: Environmental Law, Oil, Gas, & Energy Law, and Administrative Law Estimated Length: 3710 minutes


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The Trump Administration has signaled a significant shift in the management of federal lands onshore and on the Outer Continental Shelf for energy development. Multiple Executive and Secretarial Orders, Congressional Review Act resolutions, and ongoing litigation involving Obama Administration energy sector regulations have set in motion several energy-based initiatives across multiple agencies. The collective aim is to further incentivize domestic energy production, particularly oil, gas, and coal, by rolling back regulations and guidance and streamlining environmental reviews and permitting. While this agenda is sweeping and a sharp departure from the past few years, its ultimate impact is uncertain. Join Beveridge & Diamond principals Jamie Auslander and Peter Schaumberg to discuss current opportunities and challenges for the development of energy and mineral resources under the new Administration. Among other hotly-debated topics, they will cover the role of climate change considerations in decision-making, potential changes in mitigation requirements, issues regarding royalty valuation and payment, and still unresolved issues regarding the scope of Presidential withdrawal authority onshore and offshore under decades-old statutes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review key steps taken by the Trump Administration incentivizing development of energy and mineral resources on federally-owned and managed lands
  2. Explore recent and forthcoming litigation challenges to federal energy regulations
  3. Appreciate the limitations on Executive actions in this area
  4. Identify opportunities for meaningful industry and public participation going forward

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Very interesting and current

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Good use of two presenters that helped to keep things interesting and cover the topic well.

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The presenters were very knowledgeable and showed many of the challenges in the transitions between presidential administrations.

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Great. Looking forward to progressing iterations of this program topic, as may/will occur wiyh new administration & court decisions. Thanks.