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Making an Initial Appearance in a NY Criminal Case in the COVID-19 Era

1h 21m

Created on November 30, 2020





COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of human life. In response, institutions and organizations, both public and private, have implemented new safety precautions and procedures. As the Courts across New York State and the United States begin to re-open, procedures, policies, and practices have taken on a different look in order to conform to the new COVID-19 era. 

In criminal matters, every aspect of a case has changed - starting with the initial appearance. In order to provide effective assistance of counsel, criminal defense attorneys need to learn how to adapt to the new and often remote way of conducting an initial appearance and find ways to complete the required tasks.

This course, presented by Andrew M. J. Bernstein, Leader of Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP's White-Collar Defense and Investigations Practice, will cover the basics of representing a criminal defendant at a remote or in-person initial appearance (initial presentments and arraignments) in a criminal matter during the age of COVID-19.

This program will benefit both new criminal practitioners looking to learn about remote and in-person initial appearances and experienced criminal defense lawyers who have yet to represent a recently arrested or charged client in the COVID-19 era.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how initial presentments and arraignments have been affected by COVID-19 and the resulting safety measures put in place by the courts
  2. Prepare for an initial appearance in a criminal matter
  3. Investigate the information you need prior to your initial appearance
  4. Build a meaningful relationship with your client remotely and in challenging times
  5. Successfully navigate the COVID-19 challenges and effectively represent your client at their first appearance and beyond 

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