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Major Claims & Defenses in New Jersey Commercial Landlord-Tenant Practice


Created on August 29, 2019





Commercial landlord-tenant law touches nearly every business in New Jersey. After all, every business needs space to operate, market, sell, or serve customers. This weighty reality requires that landlords, tenants, and their attorneys be familiar with the specifics of a commercial landlord-tenant relationship. This program, presented by Offit Kurman attorney Thomas Major, first explores the basic principles of commercial landlord-tenant law with an eye toward common lease provisions. With these basics established, the program moves to major claims and defenses in commercial landlord-tenant litigation. The course will then consider both the summary dispossession proceeding (a typical "landlord-tenant case") and litigation in the Law Division. Mr. Major will conclude with a discussion of evidentiary considerations in taking a landlord-tenant case to trial.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the statutory and common law generally applicable to commercial landlord-tenant cases
  2. Review the most commonly litigated lease provisions
  3. Explore the major claims and defenses in a commercial landlord-tenant dispute
  4. Examine the fundamentals of preparing a commercial landlord-tenant case for trial

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