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M&A Transactions in the Oil & Gas Industry

1h 1m

Created on October 13, 2017




While managing deals efficiently and effectively is always important to a legal practitioner, oil and gas transactions present unique and often complex considerations during negotiating and drafting. This course, presented by Saul Ewing LLP attorneys Jim Modzelewski and Susan Barrett, describes in depth the distinctive aspects, and the associated legal considerations, of an oil and gas M&A transaction.

The course will compare oil and gas M&A transactions to standard M&A deals; explain the typical issues and processes involved in an oil and gas transaction; discuss various due diligence, structuring and negotiating considerations for different types of oil and gas transactions; describe challenges oil and gas deal participants may face in closing such deals in an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment; and examine the viewpoints of participants in oil and gas transactions and the role counsel plays to facilitate these deals.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss unique aspects in negotiating and managing deals in the oil and gas space

  2. Identify hurdles that oil and gas industry players may face in closing deals

  3. Examine the various perspectives of buyers and sellers in oil and gas transactions

  4. Review the role of counsel in oil and gas transactions

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