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Long Term Disability Litigation: A Framework for Evaluating and Litigating These Complex Claims

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Produced on May 27, 2015

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Course Information

Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
Categories Insurance

Course Description

Join attorney Evan Schwartz as he presents the legal issues and practical considerations for any practitioner commencing a lawsuit to obtain a client's long term disability insurance benefits.  Mr. Schwartz discusses pre-suit evaluation and considerations, understanding the policy or policies at issue, the concerns regarding choice of forum and potential applicability of ERISA, and the issues to be considered and handled during the course of these unique lawsuits.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Recognize the policies at issue, including ERISA applicability and consequences

II.    Identify the issues, goals, and credibility of your client

III.   Comprehend rescission evaluation

IV.   Appreciate the impact of choice of forum and choice of law

V.    Understand the importance of the litigation process, including the Cause of Action, discovery, selection of experts, and trial


Evan Schwartz

Schwartz Law

Evan S. Schwartz, founding partner of Schwartz Law, is a highly skilled insurance recovery litigator and strategist. He leads his firm’s Insurance Litigation, Claims & Consulting Group, representing policy holders, as well as its Business and Complex Litigation Group. He has a national reputation for his work representing professionals in Long Term Disability Income Insurance claims and litigation, having won and settled countless cases across the country. Mr. Schwartz lectures and publishes regularly on long term disability and other insurance recovery issues. He is and has been admitted in Federal and State Courts around the country to handle insurance recovery lawsuits.


Mr. Schwartz started his legal career as a law clerk at the New York Court of Appeals, New York’s highest court. He then represented insurance companies and has been instrumental throughout his career in setting legal precedent in the field of insurance law that continues to impact cases today. He has been inducted as a lifetime member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. The Forum acknowledges excellence in advocacy by lawyers throughout the United States and is limited to attorneys who have won multi-million dollar verdicts, awards, and settlements.


Mr. Schwartz is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Touro Law Center, teaching insurance law and law practice management. He also served as President of the Touro Alumni Association for five years. For more information regarding Mr. Schwartz and his practice, go to or Mr. Schwartz can be reached at 212-608-5445 or


Elisa A.

Very engaging speaker. Well-presented, practical advice. I enjoyed this course.


The presentation was excellent. The analysis was filled with useful information, strategies, and opinions on what works and what doesn't in long term disability litigation from beginning to end. Although I work in patent law and will never handle disability litigation, I thought the presentation was interesting and well worth viewing. Many aspects of the analysis could apply to different types of cases.


If I had a claim, I'd go to his firm!!

Catherine B.

Excellent presenter and presentation!

Barbara C.

very good

Lawrence R. F.

Complex indeed

Denise S.

Great practice tips!

Patricia F.

Very educational!

Tammy W.

Interesting and I appreciated some of the civil procedure (state v. federal) discussion as it relates to NY litigation.

Angela A.

Excellent speaker. The presentation was done, clear and concise.

Rhonda E. T.

Interesting course given by someone who readily knows his stuff

Susan M. B.

Covered a lot of material in a well organized fashion. Engaging speaker. Interesting material.

Susan B.

Lawline picks excellent speakers.

Donald D.


Richard C.

a very good seminar!

Sandra B.


derryl c.

Good instructor.

Deborah G.

Great presenter!!

Ryan D.

Thank you.

Suzanne B.


Abrar Q.


Marie C.

Presenter was great. I appreciated the discussion of ERISA's role in this area of litigation.

Laura G.

Very knowledgeable speaker.

Phillip B.

very good and informative.

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