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Long Term Disability Litigation: A Framework for Evaluating and Litigating These Complex Claims

1h 2m

Created on May 27, 2015



Join attorney Evan Schwartz as he presents the legal issues and practical considerations for any practitioner commencing a lawsuit to obtain a client's long term disability insurance benefits.  Mr. Schwartz discusses pre-suit evaluation and considerations, understanding the policy or policies at issue, the concerns regarding choice of forum and potential applicability of ERISA, and the issues to be considered and handled during the course of these unique lawsuits.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Recognize the policies at issue, including ERISA applicability and consequences

II.    Identify the issues, goals, and credibility of your client

III.   Comprehend rescission evaluation

IV.   Appreciate the impact of choice of forum and choice of law

V.    Understand the importance of the litigation process, including the Cause of Action, discovery, selection of experts, and trial

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