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Strategies for ERISA Long Term Disability Litigations

1h 2m

Created on April 03, 2023





This course, taught by Jennifer L. Hess, an attorney and lecturer on long-term disability law topics, will discuss how to file a civil lawsuit to recover long-term disability benefits subject to ERISA. This course will provide valuable practical tips and cover the critical steps you must take to maximize your client's chances of success in district court.

The program also will review some of the basic protections and rights that ERISA provides to long-term disability claimants during the administrative and litigation process. A fundamental understanding of these protections and rights is critical to strategizing and building the strongest possible file for litigation. 

This course will benefit attorneys who are currently handling or interesting in handling ERISA long-term disability litigations in district court.  This course will familiarize attorneys with the most common issues in ERISA long-term disability litigation, provide valuable tips to identify viable arguments, and instruct how to maximize your client's chances of success. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide a foundational understanding of the rights and protections that ERISA provides to claimants, relevant to the litigation process

  2. Review the basic steps of pursuing a long-term disability lawsuit subject to ERISA, from filing the lawsuit through judgment

  3. Identify the most common issues in long-term disability litigations subject to ERISA, including disputes relating to the standard of review and the scope of discovery

  4. Instruct how to best present your clients' argument in briefing

  5. Review ERISA's fee-shifting provisions

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