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Litigating the Complex Business Case in New Jersey State Court

1h 16m

Created on August 14, 2017



Two years ago, the New Jersey Judiciary launched the "Complex Business Litigation Program," designed to provide a forum for the resolution of complex business, commercial and construction cases that meet the threshold damages amount of $200,000. The central element of the program – creating a specialized court in each vicinage to effectively manage and resolve time-consuming and costly disputes – was regarded as a long-overdue step in the right direction. A complex business case, however, is still governed by the same rules of civil procedure that govern all litigation in New Jersey State Courts, thus creating unique challenges for managing and litigating these types of cases.  

In this program, Ricardo Solano Jr., Esq., a partner at Friedman Kaplan, will review the key components of the Complex Business Litigation Program, discuss tips and strategies for effectively managing the pretrial discovery process in New Jersey State Courts, and review two areas of the law in New Jersey that differ in key respects from federal practice – seeking injunctive relief and expert testimony. The program will also provide a brief overview of the appeals process in New Jersey State Courts. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand New Jersey's Complex Business Litigation Program and its expansion since its inception in 2015
  2. Identify how to effectively manage the pretrial discovery process under the New Jersey Court Rules, including conducting e-discovery and obtaining discovery protective orders
  3. Provide an overview of injunctive practice in New Jersey state courts and key distinctions from federal practice
  4. Summarize the New Jersey Rules of Evidence and recent case law on the admissibility of expert opinions, including strategies for deposing and examining the expert witness
  5. Navigate the appeals process in New Jersey State Courts

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