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Representing Clients in Federal Court

1h 2m

Created on July 11, 2023





With its uniform set of national rules, federal courts provide an opportunity for litigators from any part of the country to comfortably file or defend lawsuits in any federal judicial jurisdiction where they are admitted to practice. A politically insulated judiciary and usually expedited trial schedules make the system a (generally) fair and (usually) fast method of resolving disputes. Attorney Nolan Klein, Esq. has represented clients in almost a thousand (1,000) federal lawsuits, and in this program, he discusses the basics of federal litigation, including the pros and cons of filing in federal court, discovery rules, and procedural tools needed to effectively advocate for clients in federal court litigation.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the basic requirements for an initial pleading, when a motion to dismiss can be filed, and popular types of motions to dismiss

  2. Review the pace of federal litigation, common deadlines, and how a case moves from filing toward resolution

  3. Gain familiarity with affirmative defenses, discovery procedures, and procedural strategies to be used in litigating a case effectively for the client

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