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Litigating a Personal Injury Case in Federal Court


Created on January 10, 2022




This course, presented by Dan Schiavetta of Russo & Gould, provides a short but comprehensive orientation for personal injury attorneys, both on the plaintiff's side and the defense side, who are new to federal court practice.  This will include quick summaries of differences between federal and state court practice, when federal courts are a desirable or undesirable option for the litigant, and federal court jurisdiction at the pretrial, trial, and appellate stages.  Familiarity with state court practice is presumed.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss when federal courts are available to the litigant

  2. Learn issues specific to federal court

  3. Identify pitfalls and advantages of being in federal court

  4. Incorporate illustrative anecdotes into preparation for your own cases

  5. Be apprised of recent case law and statutory developments

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