Linking Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence: A Family Law Perspective

Production Date: February 04, 2014 Practice Areas: Family & Matrimonial Law, Animal Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 6423 minutes


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Mounting evidence supports the conclusion that animal cruelty is an indicator of domestic violence and possible child abuse/neglect. This program will enable practitioners to bolster legal strategies by identifying relevant state laws, comply with applicable cross-reporting requirements, and gain an understanding of the available programs and research that can improve client counseling. Family law practitioners representing children, parents, and domestic abuse victims or criminal defendants will benefit from this timely and informative program. 


Learning Objectives:

I.    Comprehend the link between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence 

II.   Explore the state laws that recognize this link

III.  Recognize ethical implications in the client-lawyer relationship

IV.  Identify and report animal cruelty, abuse and neglect 

V.   Utilize animal cruelty assessments in child abuse and domestic violence evaluations

VI.  File orders of protection for family pets

VII. Grasp legal tools/resources to assist abuse/neglect victims and remediate defendants

Kathleen P.
Charlotte, NC

Still that problem with ending on time. However, this webinar was exceptionally content-rich and well presented. Best Lawline class I've seen so far.

Thomas C.
Madison, CT

An excellent presentation made by lawyers that are definitely passionate about what they do for animals even though they have other legal jobs

Matthew W.
Staten Island, NY

One of my favorites

Mary Ann M.
Naperville, IL

Lawline is consistently superior to Westlaw CLE--in topics and in specificity in presentations

Katrina P.
New York, NY


Dorrie W.
Modesto, CA

I have handled domestic violence cases for 40 years now, and yet this course allowed me to see all those cases, and evolving state and federal law, in a new context. Very helpful!

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

An important topic.

Kathleen R.
Rock Tavern, NY

Great and compelling program

Elizabeth F.
Mundelein, IL

The panel was thorough in covering the importance and link between animal abuse and domestic abuse- the duty to further investigate.

Ebone L.
Woodbridge, VA

This was really great. You should offer more animal law courses .

jane G.
Mount Vernon, NY

as an animal lover and advocate, this was informative and well done!

Robert S.
Chicago, IL

Interesting topic with disturbing case examples.

Francine A.
Gurnee, IL

Great course.

Helen B.
Issaquah, WA


Rachel F.
Big Bear, CA

Great and important program!

Karel H.
Thornton, CO

Good research

Teresa S.
New York, NY


Amanda C.
Key West, FL


Samantha W.
Birmingham, MI

I really enjoyed the fact that the 4 of them each brought a different aspect to the topic which provided for a well-rounded presentation, as opposed to a myopic view. I hope these 4 continue to create presentations. Wish I had the guts to create a progr

Robert V.

Anyone that owns an animal, lawyer or not, ... great class

Frederick S.
Glendale Heights, IL

Highly recommended for both lawyers and for law enforcement personnel. Very professional. Legal, psychological and ethical considerations made this course very worthwhile. Thank you.

Michael C M.

this subject is so important and will gain in importance over time as human conscience heightens. where animals are harmed, children also may be harmed.

Navdeep J.
Des Plaines, IL


Belinda B.
Sugar Land, TX

This course really made me think of animal abuse in a whole new light and will help w/ family cases

Arati T.
Arlington, VA

This was a really unique, interesting and important topic that many of us know little about. I thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn about this topic.

Mary E G.
Spicewood, TX

Very informative and interesting.

Warren L.
Eugene, OR

Great group effort.

Michael G.
Mountain Home, AR

My wife is a published domestic violence researcher with a particular emphasis on protection orders. The observations and recommendations in this presentation were right on point.

Robert S.
Englewood, CO

Interesting use of research.

John T.
Vancouver, WA

Cool course. Very helpful.

Julie R.
Dallas, TX

great program

Leslie G.
Tumwater, WA

Best and most thoroughly researched and well organized presentation

Linda K.
Northbrook, IL

very well done

Diane E.
Canton, NY

Excellent information and good practice tips on how to use animal cruelty in the Family Court setting.

Anthony J. C.
Westchester, IL

Good survey of many issues.