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Leverage Media Relations to Impact Your Small or Solo Legal Practice: A How-To Guide in 10 Lessons

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Created on October 21, 2021





Interacting with the media can support your legal practice throughout your career. Clients contact the attorneys they hear about, including those who are quoted in the local news or in industry trade publications. A press release announcing that you have filed a case may be part of your litigation strategy, because a resulting news story may put pressure on opposing counsel to settle. Publishing an article that explains recent legislation or regulation demonstrates that you have your finger on the pulse of a given sector. Learn these best practices, plus how to speak with reporters, in this series.

Series Segments:

  1. Why Do You Want to Be in the News? 

  2. How to Introduce Yourself to Reporters 

  3. How to Cultivate Relationships with Reporters 

  4. Crafting an Effective Press Release 

  5. Press Releases as Part of a Litigation Strategy

  6. Press Releases as Part of Post-Litigation Strategy

  7. Ten Tips When Speaking to a Reporter 

  8. Articles as Part of a Media Strategy 

  9. Use Social Media to Promote Your News Stories and Articles 

  10. Media Relations Across Your Career

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