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Legislating for Farmed Animal Welfare: 2016 Update

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Produced on November 10, 2016

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

In this update to her previous course, animal protection lawyer Elizabeth (Liz) Hallinan discusses the current state of legal protections for farmed animals in the United States. To this day, few federal laws protect the welfare of farmed animals. In fact, animals raised for food in the United States enjoy no federal legal protection from birth until transport to slaughter. At slaughter, meager federal welfare protections apply only to a small minority of farmed animals. In the face of significant challenges to securing federal protection for these animals, advocates have increasingly turned to lobbying and ballot initiatives at the state and local level to target some of the worst and most prevalent forms of animal cruelty in the meat, milk, and egg industries.

Here, Ms. Hallinan reviews both successful and unsuccessful attempts to pass meaningful protections for these animals and explains why efforts at federal legislation often fail. She also explores the possible shortcomings of state-level initiatives and other legislative efforts, including the various legal challenges these efforts have faced in court. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand federal and state laws that protect farmed animals
  2. Recognize past and current legislative efforts to enact welfare protections
  3. Address legal challenges to state laws protecting both animals and consumers


Elizabeth Hallinan

The Greenfield Project

Liz Hallinan is the Founder and Executive Director of The Greenfield Project, a nonprofit focused on farm animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. Liz is an attorney with a background in science, and her areas of expertise include animal behavior, psychology, administrative law, and regulatory policy.

Before co-founding Greenfield, Liz worked for a variety of public interest organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and Meyer, Glitzenstein, and Eubanks.

She received her J.D. from New York University School of Law, where she focused on animal, administrative, and environmental law. A published author of several psychological studies, Liz holds a master’s degree in Psychology from Queen’s University and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Harvard University.


Debra O.

Very informative about the practices of factory farming hidden in general to the public at large.. Course needs to be updated in light of the recent federal government upheaval brought about by the current administration.

Ilonka U.


Jill G.

Thank you

Robert B.

This presenter (Ms. Hallinan) was terrific.

Pamela W.

Interesting presentation.

Christine C.

Very informative, can we get a current presentation from her?

Barbara Jane I.

Very good presentation

arthur s.

very informative. Good presentation.

joe m.

Best presentation on LawLine!!

Joan L.

Excellent presentation. Extremely informative and so well presented. Highly recommend.

Robin B.

Interesting subject. In my selection choice for on-line learning, I found that law line had the best selection.

Bruce M.

Ha. An energy attorney who wanted to take a break from MCLE on contracts, tariffs, energy policy and the like - and, I'm glad I did. This confirmed in my mind a change I had already decided in my eating habits. In short, this course provided very substantive and relevant legal content combined with actual descriptions of the troubling practices.

Antonio M.

great course

Joan L.

This was very interesting and enlightening.

Caroline F.

Really interesting!

Janet S.

Interestng update.

Deborah K.

Excellent speaker

Clifford K.

Very educational.

Larry T.

Elizabeth was very good.

Diane W.

Excellent course

Kristin Z.

Difficult subject matter to hear about, but necessary. Interesting topic. I hope it raises awareness.

Susan S.

Really love this interesting and informative topic. Thank you for presenting such great speakers.

Gerrell W.

Very good overview.

Elizabeth S.

What an awesome speaker, so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.

Evan S.

One of the more interesting and informative sessions.

Andrew W.

Good presentation on a very different subject.

Jake R.

Great course. I learned so much about an area of the law I knew very little about.

Brian P.

Very interesting subject!

Benjamin P.

This was among the best courses I've ever seen on Lawline since 2011. Extremely interesting, compelling and even moving.

Raymond K.

A real eye opener and a great presentation. I'm very happy to have heard this presentation. This is what CLE is all about!

Katherine P.

Thank you for having this subject matter!

Andrew P.

Very informative course but somewhat horrifying. I will definitely think about what I eat in the future!

Sharon P.

Very informative. Thank you

Jennifer N.

Very informative.

Idene S.

This was a great lecture. I really appreciated the subject matter and the lecturer. She hardly looked at her notes and I could feel her passion for animal rights. I hope Lawline will put more lectures up like this. Thank you.

christy f.

Very informative lecture.

Michael S.

Thank you for having courses on animal law!

Alan T.

Very well presented

Nadia W.

I would recommend this program to professionals active in the area of the subject matter.

Michelle W.

I really enjoyed this program, she gave a great, logical primer and followed by ideas to improve existing laws.

Beth O.

Not at all related to my areas of practice but I thoroughly enjoyed it - both interesting and confronting at the same time.

Frank O.

Excellent presentation, but VERY disturbing. I will never eat veal again!

Karen B.

I thank you for the courage to present on this topic. I wish it didn't take courage, but those whose hearts have not yet awakened to compassion for all life present a challenge. Thank you.

Matthew W.

Great Course

David A.


Beverly R.

Important subject. Would like to see more from Law-line intros field.

Julie A. B.

Ms. Hallinan once again shares quality content on an interesting subject peppered throughout with compelling examples all related in an engaging speaking manner and style.

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