Legal Rights of Foster Parents

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Produced on: October 06, 2016

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Time 61 minutes
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In this course, attorney Frederick J. Magovern delves into the complex law surrounding the relationship between foster parents and the children for whom they care. The purpose of this discussion is to provide current and prospective foster parents with a clearer understanding of their critical role and their legal rights as foster parents and the legal framework governing foster care.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Enable foster parents to understand their role and their rights in the New York foster care system
  2. Understand what foster parents must know and must be told about their foster child's background and needs
  3. Learn what foster parents need to know to successfully navigate administrative hearing and the judicial system
  4. Examine critical case law


Frederick J. Magovern

Magovern & Sclafani Law

Frederick J. Magovern graduated from Fordham Law School over 40 years ago and has specialized in family law ever since. At that time, the law was failing those most in need of protection – dependent and neglected children. Most were being warehoused in orphanages with little chance of reuniting with their absent or dysfunctional parents. Even those fortunate enough to live in loving foster homes rarely enjoyed the permanency of adoption. Ever since he has spent his career litigating to make it possible for these children to be adopted by their foster parents and defending these adoptive families once formed.

When he started his own practice in 1979, he had the good fortune to work with an extremely accomplished and well-respected trial attorney who recently died, Louis J. Martine. In the colorful language he often invoked, he told Fred, “Fred, anyone can try a case – it’s the lawyer who works the hardest who will prevail.” Fred has never forgotten those words, nor has he ever lost a case for lack of effort. He always works harder than his opponent to master the facts of the case and the relevant law. His record of success both at trial and on appeal reflects this work ethic. This intensity comes naturally having shouldered the enormous responsibility of representing families in such high-stakes cases. Nothing is more important to him or his partner Mary Jane than protecting a child’s emotional health and future well-being. They confront daily the enormous tragedy of neglected kids and enjoy the privilege of playing a part in new loving families come together. He is proud to know this will be his legacy along with the ways he has helped improve adoption law in the State of New York.


Beth S.

I do a lot of work in this area of law - this was a very helpful presentation. thank you

Ruth G.

Really well done, well organized, good examples, holds your interest.

Pamela H.

Fred is the best!!!!

Michelle W.

very informative and easy to listen to

John H.

Very Good presentation

Anne R.

very informative

Dorrie W.

Although this focussed mostly on New York law, I know many of the principles are useful in California law as well.

Julie A. B.

Easy-to-follow, well organized, substantive, comprehensive program delivered by an impressive, articulate speaker with practical experience.

Zoraida G.


Joseph H.

REALLY like this speaker. He's obviously very experienced and yet still passionately committed to the cause.

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