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Legal Knowledge Management for the Corporate Attorney - Experts, Automation and Artificial Intelligence

1h 32m

Created on May 22, 2017




Legal Knowledge Management (“KM”) has been getting a lot of buzz in the industry for the past few years. Want to know what all this hype on KM is about? Are you wondering if you can start a KM “program” at your firm, or if you can function without a full-blown KM department?

KM is a powerful tool that not only can increase your efficiency, but also affect your bottom line. With the right application, the return on investment (“ROI”) in KM is well worth your efforts. Our speakers will give you a crash course on KM, starting with an introductory overview of KM, from its history to its evolution to its current state in the U.S. today. We will then dive into how to start a KM project or program at your firm (if you don’t have one), how to improve the continued efficacy of KM projects, and how to work with non-KM departments to ensure the success of KM at your firm. We will discuss both KM successes and failures to highlight the types of pitfalls a practitioner might need to identify in advance of starting a KM project. Finally, we will focus on specific use cases for corporate finance and other corporate attorneys and discuss legal ethics issues regarding re-use of client information as part of a KM knowledge base.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Define Knowledge Management and understand why it is a powerful tool
  2. Improve efficiency by implementing KM tips and techniques into your firm’s work flow
  3. Explore the legal risks associated with the implementation of KM
  4. Review recent adoption of AI in legal knowledge management for corporate attorneys

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