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Legal Implications of Apologies

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Created on December 19, 2016




Public apologies by corporations and individuals have become commonplace, regularly appearing in newspapers, on TV screens, and via social media.  Many such apologies are criticized for managing to side-step admissions of wrongdoing. Others are praised for taking full responsibility and expressing genuine remorse. But these surface-level critiques don't address the complicated calculus involved in deciding whether and how to apologize, which is impacted by the wide variety of motivations for apologizing, differing assessments of apologies' potential advantages, and – perhaps most critically – an evaluation of the apology's legal consequences.

Panelists Stuart Levi, Steven Lipin, Paul Schnell, and Larry Speigel address the potential criminal, civil, and regulatory consequences of apologies and how these influence corporate decision-makers and their advisors in dealing with high-stakes transactions, disputes, and public relations crises.  They also examine key communications considerations in issuing apologies, such as who, what, where and when, and strategically how to get the most credit from key stakeholders.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify differing definitions and varieties of apologies

  2. Consider diverse motivations for apologizing

  3. Examine potential legal consequences of apologies in criminal, civil, and regulatory spheres

  4. Address key communications considerations in issuing an apology

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