Legal Ethics in Government Contracting

Production Date: July 10, 2017 Practice Areas: Ethics, Contract Law, and Administrative Law Estimated Length: 5538 minutes


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In the world of government contracting, counsel must not only navigate traditional legal ethics issues, but counsel also face unique legal ethics issues arising from specific government contracts statutes and regulations as well as the dynamics of having the United States as the “client” of your adversary.  

This program, led by attorneys Eric Leonard and Craig Smith, will explore the potential pitfalls that await government contracts lawyers (whether outside counsel, in-house counsel or government counsel) that assist clients in matters involving debriefings, bid protests, due diligence, subcontracting counseling and investigations. In many of these matters, the stakes are high and there simply is no room for error.    

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Compare government contractor ethics issues to legal ethics issues faced by government contracts counsel
  2. Analyze hypothetical legal ethics issues that can arise for government contracts counsel in the context of the Model Rules
  3. Suggest strategies for mitigating risk to counsel
  4. Discuss current ethics developments and trends 

Richard L.
New York, NY

Really good presentation - right on point

Antoine M.
frederick, MD

Excellent and thorough presentation

William D.
Alexandria, VA

Well organized discussion with relevant examples.

B.A. S.
Falls Church, VA

It was great having two professors teach the class.

Stephen E.
Crestwood, KY

Good, practical advice regarding potential ethics situations.

Peter A.
Columbia, MD

I was especially pleased that there were two presenters, given the breadth of the topics involved.

Heidi L.
Toronto, ON

Architecture in-jokes were amusing.

christopher r.
spotsylvania, VA

Great speaking team; really knew their stuff on ethics issues re: government contracts.

Kristina U.
King George, VA

These guys were great. They really understand possible conflicts

Elizabeth F.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent presentations

Carolyn S.
Louisville, KY

Good course.