Legal Ethics in Black and White: An Interstitial Exploration

Production Date: October 27, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics Estimated Length: 3606 minutes


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As lawyers, we are fond of looking for the “black letter law,” the well-settled, undisputed and clearly articulated rule of decision for application to the facts of our case. So often, however, there simply is no such rule, no clearly delineated guidepost for us to follow or to urge upon a Court as outcome determinative. Rather, the law is mostly neither black nor white, but varying shades of gray, offering some succor and at least partial support to both sides of a dispute. The resolution of the matter thus generally turns upon issues of policy and the vigorous practice of the art of persuasion.

Ethical issues for lawyers may be similarly described, at least structurally. That is, every state proscribes and declares its “black letter” rules to inform and guide the practitioner in the conduct of office, but no matter how carefully articulated, the rules invariably leave gaps in their midst and spaces between themselves: areas which implicate what we might call “white letter” ethics. The difference is this: the absence of clearly defined rules of law energizes the substantive aspects of practice, and engages the fullness of our skills, to the end that a court may rule on our client’s cause. But an ethical issue which falls into the cracks between the rules of professional conduct affects us, personally and directly, and can pose exquisitely poignant and problematic scenarios for the practitioner who, in default of clearly defined ethical norms, must ask herself hard questions about what shall I do? And she may often be compelled to answer those questions alone, at her professional peril, with nothing but her own experience, judgment and personal moral code to guide the outcome.

The purpose of this program is broadly to begin the exploration of those “white” spaces; the interstices between the rules, generally codified in most states as the “Rules of Professional Conduct,” or “RPC’s.” What the exploration of that apparently “blank” space will reveal is that it is not empty at all, but a roiling sea of clashing values, where tidally conflicting ethical principles can and do crash into one another, each having a legitimate claim to our attention and action.  How we choose, then, is as often as important as what we choose. Let the exploration begin...

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand and evaluate the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct
  2. Expand and enhance the ethical sensitivity of attending lawyers
  3. Develop and apply methods of thinking clearly and consistently about ethical issues
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McMinnville, OR

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Yan S.
Bellevue, WA

very interesting

Robin R.
Denver, CO

One of the more thoughtful ethics discussions.

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Annapolis, MD

Very informative

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Bellaire, TX

An outstanding presentation

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Boca Raton, FL


Judith S.
Austin, TX

Great speaker!

David W.
Annondale, NJ

I hope this presenter is a lecturer at some law school - law students need to hear someone with his passion and aptitude to keep one's interest.

David C.
Seattle, WA


Beth C.
Waxhaw, NC

Very interesting viewpoint- comparing black letter law to the "white space." I liked it.

Tyler C.
Moore, OK

He's a very good presenter.

Kathryn H.
Fairfax, VA

The best ethics program I've attended. Cases used to illustrate the ethical lessons kept me engaged.

Will M.
Wake, VA

Most entertaining ethics class I've had in a long time

Willard M.
Portsmouth, VA

Good course

Bethany K.
Richmond, VA

Wonderful presentation!

MIchael G.
Chicago, IL

One of the best presentations I have ever encountered. I wish I knew Ullman as a friend.

Danielle A.
Alexandria, VA

Greatly enjoyed the lecturer's energy and sincerity in presenting thought-provoking questions.

Robert S.
Falls Church, VA


Reginald Y.

This lecture on ethics touched upon what it often presents itself as a internal battle in the hearts and minds of an advocate.

Thomas R.
Midlothian, VA

A fantastically-engaging and clearly-passionate presenter.

Thomas C.
Saint Paul, MN

Great speaker, important topic

Deanna C.
Glen Allen, VA

Mr. Ullman was one of the most engaging speakers I have ever heard.

Suzanne L.
Stamford, CT

A superior ethics presentation. I very much appreciated the speaker's willingness to address directly the concepts of right and wrong, and of conscience within the practice of law. Well presented, and extremely thought provoking.

Alexander R.

Thank you very much.

Jon S.
McLean, VA

Excellent. What a great speaker!

Steven A.
Washington, DC

Compliments to the presenter - this was an exceptional CLE.

David P.
Duck, NC

Such a knowledgeable, dynamic speaker. An excellent presentation.

Ross S.
Springfield, VA


Carrie N.
Vienna, VA

Excellent presenter!

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Arlington, VA

Great lecturer!

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Sterling, VA

Energetic speaker

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Silver Spring, MD

What an incredible presentation! I found it challenging, thought-provoking, demanding, and (ultimately) uplifting. The speaker was wise, and his oratory impressive. The presentation's title did not serve to indicate the topic, and brilliance, of his lessons. Bravo!

Michael K.
Centennial, CO

Outstanding presentation.

Rickey B.
Fort Worth, TX

Good course

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Port Angeles, WA

Best video I've seen so far. Excellent.

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Lexington Park, MD

Good distinctions through recent cases.

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Norfolk, VA

truly excellent, and in fact inspirational - well done!

Jared C.
Arlington, VA

This was a great course, and a great speaker. You will come away with a real appreciation for the limits of ethics rules.

Marguerite C.

excellent program

Amy G.
Norfolk, VA

The delivery of an evangelist. I enjoyed it.

Savery G.
Arlington, VA

excellent presentation and clear description of operative principles in differing underlying fact patterns that are nevertheless very close and consequently can cause confusion regarding what principles should apply. Very very good indeed. I learned -- usually difficult from ethics courses. But this one is clear as is its message.

Lori L.
great falls, VA

Excellent and interesting instructor

Don F.
Gaithersburg, MD

One of the best programs I've seen on Lawline. Mr. Ullman's presentation was delivered with the energy, precision and poise of the seasoned advocate. His performance should be the standard by which others are measured.

C. Peyton E.
Severna Park, MD

Excellent lecture.

Alan B.
Silver Spring, MD

very well presented

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Waynesboro, VA

Excellent, everyone should watch

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Lubbock, TX

Really a nice job!

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Fredericksburg, TX

outstanding speaker

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New York, NY

Excellent course. The faculty was terrific. Very good discussion of obligtion of zealous representation and obligations to the court

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Richmond, VA

One of the best speakers I have ever heard on Lawline or anywhere. Engaging, interesting and very useful information for anyone.

Tom H.
Orange, VA

close to best Lawline course I've ever viewed . Kudos to all involved

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Washington, DC

Speaker was dynamic

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Farmville, VA

Excellent Presentation

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Austin, TX

Excellent presentation; compelling.

Walter S.
Alexandria, VA

The instructor was very engaging.

Chris K.
Houston, TX

Very interesting and novel approach---let your conscious be your guide!

David B.
La Cañada Flintridge, CA


lawrence r.
White Plains, NY

very inspiriong

Michael F.
Haymarket, VA

great course

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Santa Fe, NM

Superb presenter and extremely thought-provoking presentation.

Otis C.
Cleveland, TX

Dynamic, daunting, and a little disturbing- this was an excellent presentation that held the attention and seemed to speed by in much less than an hour- the speaker was extremely effective and is to be highly commended for his efforts-bravo!

Laura C.

Best interface for on demand I have encountered. Speaker made a dry subject quite engaging.

Penny R.
Arlington, VA


John G.
Oak Lawn, IL

program was very informative

Gregory B.

Informative and interesting take on professional responsibility issues.

Dana B.
Houston, TX

Refreshingly engaging presentation.

Louis t. A.
Wilmette, IL

great speaker

Roger H.
Saluda, VA

He was GREAT!

Sarah S.
Arlington, VA

This speaker had good energy.

Robert J.
McLean, VA

The speaker was absolutely fantastic! Save this presentation for future lawyers and non lawyers.

William H.
Alexandria, VA

Very good course.

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Bozeman, MT

Excellent course.

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Grantham, NH

This speaker is very engaging and one of the best I've ever heard with regard to ethics-related topics.

christopher g.
Laurel, MD

Fantastic Speaker.

Andrea T.
Highland Park, IL

Jeffrey is a terrific speaker. I truly enjoy listening to his lectures.

Bruce F.
Virginia Beach, VA

Mr. Ullman is the best of the best Lawline lecturers.

Penny W.
Springfield, VA

Bravo! An excellent presentation in an area which often is lackluster. Presenter brought a clear presentation of a lawyer's continuing dilemma.

Liane H.
McLean, VA

The speaker was excellent and very engaging

Laticia A.
Seattle, WA

Fantastic presentation, I applaud Mr. Ullman for attacking the "white policy space" that too few touch upon for teaching moments. It is those areas of the law that we really must navigate for the "black letter law" are akin to navigation markers in the sea of law. Yet in the end, it is the lawyer that must navigate by those markers and into the realm of open water space.

Thomas G.
Valrico, FL

One of the best webinars that I have ever viewed. The speaker was excellent, and most importantly, inspiring, even to a lawyer who is entering his 40th year of practice, like I am.

Jay R.
Keller, TX

Best program on Lawline that I've seen.

Andrew C.
Los Angeles, CA

Great speaker.


Excellent ethics lecture. Black and White but still exist the shades of grey at times. No court is perfect and no system is flawless. However, the system and ethics should always strive towards perfection.

Greg K.

Great presenter!

Eriko T.
Arlington, VA

great speaker

Carl B.
Richlands, VA

Speaker was excellent !

Michael G.
Ann Arbor, MI

Very engaging lecturer.

charles l.
Fincastle, VA

Extraordinary presentation. Would actually like break bread with the speaker!

Matthew R.
Arlington, VA

Presenter was fantastic.

Scott G.
Manhattan, NY


Heidi T.
Longview, WA

Excellent presentation

Jeffrey M. S.
Norfolk, VA

I have watched many videos and been to many programs. This presenter was by far the best I have ever seen. Thank you for putting together such a good program.

Don S.

excellent presentation in all respects

Paul S.
Wharton, TX

One of the very best ethics presentations I've attended. Thank you!

Richard M.
Cumming, GA

Outstanding! Excellent presentation.

Joseph D.
White Plains, NY

A different take and a good one. Rightly distinguishes ethics from competence and the case examples were excellent illustrations of the white (gray) areas of ethics. Erring on the side of good behavior sounds like the better alternative-as recommended.

Darren D.
Roanoke, VA

Very very good.

Brian D.
Chesapeake, VA

Great passion and belief!

Mary H.
Arlington, VA

I would watch more of his presentations.

judy S.
Norfolk, VA

Excellent presentation and presenter. Thank you.

Rebecca W.

I thought the presenter was a very good orator who presented an engaging cle. Thank you.

Andrea J. S.
McLean, VA

Thank you.

Leigh B.

A very thoughtful presentation of the conflict between zealous advocacy and duty to the tribunal.

John H.
Mandeville, LA

Thoughtful as well as interesting

Forrest W.
Littleton, CO

One of the finest ethics presentations I have had the pleasure of hearing

Gregory G.
Noblesville, IN


Cynthia W.
Austin, TX

I highly recommend this most informative and interesting course. It is an excellent ethics presentation.

Maureen D.
Centennial, CO

The instructor was very engaging and informative

Raymond L.
LIberrtyville, IL

Loved the course and the presenter. I highly recommend this course

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Alexandria, VA

Excellent speaker and presentation

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Bull Valley, IL

Excellent speaker, very inspirational and effective.

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Fairfield, CA

Very good speaker.

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Woodbridge, VA

Insightful and thought provoking.

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McAllen, TX

Very informative and interesting course. Speaker was excellent.

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Portland, OR

Excellent contribution.

Lee E.
Chicago, IL

this was an excellent course.

Zhaleh D.
King George, LB

Excellent course. Very engaging speaker.

dean s.
Foley, AL

He is one of the finest presenters I have had the pleasure of listening too.

David W.
Miami Beach, FL

A passionate lecturer, devoted to the ideals of the profession and a worthy presentation.

Frederick P.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Excellent presentation

Rosland M.
Golden, CO

Great speaker.

Dennis S.
Alexandria, VA

great speaker

Jo Anna S.
Chicago, IL


Victor N. C.
Ottawa, ON

Excellent presentation, although limited examples geared for trial lawyers. Exhortation at the end was a useful reminder

Francine A.
Pleasant Valley, NY

excellent presentation

Mark R.
Manhattan, NY

The ethics courses in this bundle are uniformly the best - taught with intelligence and passion.

Bohdan K.
Staten Island, NY

This program is one of the best that I ever encountered. Mr. Ullman passionately and effectively explained the real crux of ethics considerations, gave good guidance to navigate the issues, and challenged the audience to be genuinely ethical.

Christa J.
Coconut Creek, FL

What a fine, interesting speaker! Mr. Ullman's presentation was excellent.

Keith S.
Flower Mound, TX

This was without a doubt the best CLE course I have taken in years. The content and presentation was head and shoulders above the norm. Very well done!

hal c.
Sonora, CA

Very good

Peter B.
Round Rock, TX


Brian C.
Windermere, FL

This presenter is excellent.

Christian M.
Louisville, KY

loved it

Mark C.

Great speaker.

Karen L.
Chantilly, VA

Jeffrey Ullman was the best presenter, and best ethics presenter, I have ever encountered. Prosecutors have a duty (in all jurisdictions) to seek justice and be candid with the court. Criminal defense attorneys should be required to listen to his session.

Thomas W.
Santa Ana, CA

Outstanding presentation.

carol b.
Houston, TX

Phenomenal presentation and message --eloquent and bottom-line at the same time. Speaker makes one remember when "Ethics" was an integral part of our profession and not just a CLE requirement.

Steven V.
Wellington, FL

The most interesting lecturer yet.

Kenneth H.
Scarsdale, NY

Mr. Ullman is a great and engaging speaker!

Laura G.
Katy, TX

Excellent speaker!

Thomas J.


Folasade A.
Centreville, VA

Very knowledgeable speaker, and passionate about the topic.

Patricia L.
San Antonio, TX

Would love to have Jeffrey Ullman present on more topics!

Bryant Y.
New Orleans, LA

Excellent presenter

Celeste M.
Ashburn, VA

This was the best legal ethics presentation I've heard by far!

Robert K.
Louisville, CO


Fred G.
Laughlintown, PA

Simply... outstanding!

Davyne W.
Colorado Springs, CO

Wow. Absolutely fantastic presentation, terrific content, terrific speaker!

John M.
San Antonio, TX

One of best presentations I have seen with regard to ethics. A very forceful, well informed, persuasive speaker.

Robert W.
Royal Oak, MI

Jeffrey Ullman made a wonderful, inspirational ethics presentation with many excellent examples of a lawyer's obligation to make disclosures from a collateral matter in one he's then dealing with.

Nathaniel F.


Enrirque S.
San Antonio, TX

I was able to take the slides and print them directly. Very nice feature.

Donald S.
San Angelo, TX

Excellent, thought provoking. Keep this speaker!

Nancy S.
Great Falls, VA

An excellent presentation!

Edward B.
Hanover, NH

Mr. Ullmann has captured the essence of being a lawyer and scholar. His cases are most interesting and stimulate the mind. As both lawyer and Rabbi, i found his lectures on ethics and lawyering very stimulating and meaningful.

michael M.
Kerrville, TX


Brent Y.
Tampa, FL

Best presenter on this packet


The best presentation I have seen or heard about "professional responsibility. " It captured my attention. Thanks.

Helen B.
Evanston, IL

Outstanding! I'm 73 and this is one of the best lectures on ethics I have ever heard!

Ricks F.
Wilmette, IL

This presenter was absolutely top notch. He made the content not only interesting, but compelling. This was the sort of CLE presentation that the audience hopes for and that faculty should aspire to.

Daniel M.
Houston, TX

Very informative and entertaining lecture

Julie B.
Chicago, IL

Great...really good speaker.

David G.
Argyle, TX

Excellent. Captivating Speaker

Houston, TX

Awesome speaker!

John Scot E.
Plano, TX

Great message and reminder of our ethical duty as officers of the court.

Arnold T.
Allen City, KY

Excellent and simplifying the confusion of how to interpret the rules.

David J.
Louisville, KY

Enjoyed this presenter.

Denise E.
Louisville, KY

Mr. Ullman was a terrific presenter of an inordinately difficult subject to present in an engaging way...he actually seemed, gulp - enthusiastic!!!

Henry H.
Evanston, IL

Jeffrey Ullman is a character.

Mark P.
new market, MD

Really, truly excellent course!

Myles H.
Chicago, IL

Good command. Made me reflect.

Daniel B.
Chicago, IL

Excellent ethics course, perhaps the best I've ever seen/attended.

Glenda A.
Burleson, TX

very interesting!

Timothy N.
Irvine, CA

Very Informative. Learned something new.

Charlotte J.
Austin, TX

Interesting course.

Kevin S.
Marietta, GA

One of the best LawLine courses I have attended. Exceptional speaker.

stephen p.
lexington, KY

Great Speaker.

James L.
Staten Island, NY

Powerful and energetic voice for an important topic.

Michael L.
Orland Park, IL

best class so far

Marvin Gerald G.
New York, NY

Superb. One of the very best presentations.

Virginia E.
Henrico, VA

An exceptional presentation that leaves a lawyer to really think about ethics in a different way.

Neal M.
Silver Spring, MD

Jeffrey Ullman is an AMAZING presenter. made me appreciate the ethics lecture and thoroughly enjoyed the seminar . He really worked it.... didnt just phone it in like so many others. Truly entertaining and informative

William T.
Dalklas, TX

Mr. Ullman was terrific.

Daniel L.
Chicago, IL

Interesting hook to get into the spirit of the program. Great.

Howard P.
Lafayette, LA

I could watch this presentation twice in a row. Really? Really!!! I

Roy B.

Excellent and persuasive speaker

Thomas J.
Springfield, IL

Excellent presentation.

Kelvin B.
Chicago, IL

Excellent presentation! The lecturer did an exemplary job.

Anna S.
New York, NY

Good speaker

John B.
Plano, TX

One of the top five best ethics lectures I have ever seen. Very well done.

Steve M.
Richmond, VA

Excellent presenter.

Steven B.
Chicago, IL

One of the best seminars you will see/hear. Mr. Ullman is excellent.

Elyssa L.
Boca Raton, FL

Great Storyteller!

Henry V.
Naples, FL

Very engaging.

Michael C.
Palatine, IL

That was the best lecture I've heard from this service.

Kevin H.
Needham, MA

Great speaker and presentation!

Ana M. M.
New York, NY


Darrius B.
Orlando, FL

Very well done.

Debra D.
Richmond, VA

This is an excellent presentation. Thank you.

Lindsey L.
Houston, TX

Excellent presentation

Jean F.
Muskegon, MI

Excellent speaker. Interesting and well-presented content.

Andrea N.
South Miami, FL

Very good speaker. the best so far!

Patricia F.
Lemont, IL

this guy is a fabulous speaker.

Brent M.
Kenosha, WI

Top notch presentation. Thank you!

Carole K.
Chicago, IL

Mr. Ullman is inspiring.

Joseph Z.
Sweet, ID

Fantastic! Hi energy, articulate, good stories.

Mark C.
Colorado Springs, CO

Excellent presentation.

Jefferey K.
Chicago, IL

Fantastic presenter.

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

Excellent presentation of difficult choices!!!

Kathryn K.
Lolo, MT

Excellent - one of the best continuing ed courses I've taken in 40 years of practice.

Deanne M.
Chicago, IL

Very engaging teacher.

Kirk L.
New York, NY

Excellent speaker who made a dry subject very interesting.

Joseph J. O.
Nyack, NY

Beautifully presented. Both a substantive lecture and a call to honorable practice that goes beyond any mere code of ethics.

Richard V.
Sherrill, NY

A great presentation.

Patrick E.
West Hollywood, CA

Very good and interesting take on attorney ethics

Joseph H.
Cranston, RI

Excellent presentation

Jim B.
Richardson, TX

best ethics lecture I've attended in 43 years.

William Troy H.
Knoxville, TN

Great speaker to follow!

michael c.
Beech Mountain, NC

very good

Gerard R.
Richmond, VA

The best ethics program I have ever taken!

Rodney S.
Staten Island, NY


Robert M.
Cincinnati, OH

This was one of the better online seminars I've viewed. Excellent job

Timothy Q.
Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely outstanding. I would recommend Jeff Ullman for your highest honors at

Mike H.
Orlando, FL

Outstanding speaker. Excellent presentation.

Brenda S.
Coral Gables, FL

Great speaker.

Mark H.
Houston, TX

Very good

Dana T.
Thomasville, GA

Fantastic and thought provoking.

Brian F.
St. Augustine, FL

Instructor quite engaging. Lecture was enjoyable.

George A.
Virginia Beach, VA

one of, if not the best preseñter i have heard

Edward G.
Batavia, IL


David W.
Richmond, VA

Great speaker

Ronald J. Z.
Wellington, FL


Julia M.
Monmouth Junction, NJ

Excellent presentation and program content. I would take another course with Jeffrey Ullman in Lawline, if he gave any.

Angela A.
New York, NY

Excellent speaker, terrific presentation!

Richard O.
Kailua, HI

all around excellent course

Vijay P.
Houston, TX

Excellent, excellent presentation. Valuable and needed.

Susan P.
Brookfield, CT

Good discussion of rules of ethics in representation of client and duty to the court

Antonio B.
Miami, FL


Ilise F.
haddonfield, NJ

This is the first time that i have heard lawline faculty ask the audience to reflect5 upon why we went to law school and assumed we do so for the greater good. Bravo We need more introspection in all lwline courses, especially ethics

Margaret D.
Fort Myers, LB

Wonderful presentation!!!

Kenneth Lee M.
Virginia Beach, VA

Very astute distinction of the cases.

Michael S.
Wimberley, TX

A vary excellent lecture !

Mark U.
Aspen, CO

I would encourage EVERY person who practices law to see this! It's time to understand that honesty is key to how you address the practice of law. My recent encounters with attorneys have not displayed this.

William C.
Tallahassee, FL

My favorite so far! f

Wayne A c.
Franklin, NC


Michael L.
New York, NY

An incredible orator!

Scott W.
Houston, TX

great presentation, good speaker

Conway D.
Washington, DC

The best Lawline course I have ever taken!!!!

mark m.
Hawley, PA

presented by a great orator, well versed in his content and empassioned in his delivery

Brandy C.
Orlando, FL

EXCELLENT speaker, presentation and subject!

richard m.
Stuart, FL

Probably the best CLE presentor I have seen

Andrew D G.
Lake Success, LB

Well presented and very informative.

E. Grier F.
Suffolk, VA

Good refresher

Robert A. R.

Wonderful, dynamic speaker. Candid, enagaing, to the point. Best ethics seminar I've taken in nearly 43 years of practice! Addresses real issues faced by honest lawyers, not dopey admonitions not to steal from your client's trust account that we have a

Ron P.
Austin, TX

An excellent hour of CLE!

Richard F.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation. Enjoyed materials and speaker.


This was one of the best on line presentations on the topic of ethics. Mr. Ullman is a great speaker that made the usual dry topic of Ethics into a very interesting presentation.

Stephen C.
Manasquan, NJ

Great speaker!

Judith Marie F.
Houston, TX

Very engaging!



D. Larry G.
Riverside, CA

Animated. Extremely informative. Loved it!

Stanley O.
East Northport, NY

Excellent program for a new and an experienced attorney

Princeton, WV

Remarkably gifted speaker

Luis M.
Asheville, NC

Great presentation on ethics issues

Jane C.
Beaufort, NC

very good!

Benjamin S.
Santa Clara, CA

Excellent Speaker!

Janine H.
Alexandria, VA

Fire in the belly!

Nirav P.
Birmingham, AL

high yield, cogent talk on our obligations as attorneys to best serve our clients, illustrated by pertinent case examples where black letter law fails and "white space" law prevails

Vincent O.
Austin, TX

one of the best courses I have taken on Lawline. VJO'Reilly

Michael Z.
Asheville, NC


Randall G.
San Antonio, TX

Best speaker so far

Beverly B.
San Francisco, CA

Best discussion of what it really means to be an ethical attorney in practice I've ever heard

sosi v.
Fresno, CA

Excellent job.

Timothy C.
Orland Park, IL

Great presentation!

Samuel Y.
Hummelstown, PA

Jeffrey Ullman is one of the best, if not the best, speaker on, Lawline. He's substantively knowledgeable and eloquently presents the material eloquently.

Tammy B.
Oakland, CA

The speaker was great!

Peter R.
Richmond, VA

Very strong speaker.

Veronica O.
Franklin Square, NY

Great speaker, great presentation! Dynamic and engaging. Highly recommend.

ken b.
Charlotte, NC

outstanding speaker

William R.
La Plata, MD

One of the best I have taken

Steven H.
Richmond, VA

Presenter was excellent.

Marilyn F.
Leland, NC

An exceptional presentation. A breath of fresh air in the dry world of ethics.

Rhonda G. W.
Washington, DC

Thank you for a superb presentation which did not avoid the complexities of this issue.

Kathryn B.
San Francisco, CA

Great presentation.

Ann W.
Park Ridge, IL

Excellent. Straightforward and refreshing talk on ethics. Goes right to the heart of the issue - focusing on the highest integrity we should all strive for in all we do in our work as lawyers.

Anne D.
Honolulu, HI

Great speaker.

Larry J.
Garland, TX

Great Job!

Charles R.
Richmond, TX

Most talented speaker I have encountered on lawline.

David George F.
Carbondale, CO

Smooth Presentation and notes were easy to follow. Dave F, Colorado

Douglas B.
Menlo Park, CA

One of the very best MCLE lectures I have ever attended.

Fatima S.
Oyster Bay, NY

Excellent speaker with great communication skills.

Mark C.
Forest Hills, NY


Janet Michelle C.
Douglaston, NY

Phenomenal speaker. EXCELLENT presentation.

David Peter A.
South Orange, NJ

This is the best lecture I have heard yet on

Joseph V.
La Jolla, CA


Geraldine M.
Tarrytown, NY

The best ethics presentation I have ever viewed or attended.

Kenneth B G.
Great Neck, NY

Very dynamic speaker!

Erika D.
Springfield, VA

Superbly done! Thanks!

James K.
Pacific Grove, CA

Glad to have a second course from this instructor.

Herbert S.
Huntington, NY

Interesting perspective worth listening to. Exposes some of the chaos in sorting out ethics problems from the lack of clear rules and obligations.

Stanley F.
Washington, DC, DC

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

Kenneth G.
Durham, NC

Very knowledgeable great delivery

Daniel O.
Bangor, PA

Excellent speaker.

Lisa J. G.
San Diego, CA

Very good presenter. Information was concise and informative.

Daniel B.
Bainbridge Island, WA


Charles S.
Arlington, VA

It seems like a philosophy course.

Brian S.
Petersburg, VA

Mr. Ullman is truly an outstanding speaker. One of the best CLE's I've taken.

Hari A.
Tacoma, WA

Great presenter with thought provoking content.

Edwin Dee M.
Houston, TX

Love this guy

Tonie B.
Newcastle, WA

loved it. Great way to start a New Year!

randall s.
Seattle, WA

impeccably reverential

Howard N.
Washington, DC

great speaker

Jeffry H. N.

The speaker was excellent.

Kevin H.
Silver Spring, MD

One of the best I've listened to.

Barbara K.
long valley, NJ


Jared E.
Wasilla, AK

Great course and speaker!

Kathryn H.
Mercer Island, WA

Great speaker! Ethics presentations are often dry and difficult to attend to fully. Not so in this case due to the speaker's wonderful presentation.

Cynthia L.
Orchard Park, NY

Bravo! Best legal ethics lecture I have heard.... be an Honest Lawyer, or don't choose to be a lawyer. Again Bravo!

Croton on Hudson, NY

A powerful ethics course. Do not miss this one.

Lauren W.
Bronx, NY

Absolutely outstanding presentation. Thank you!

Heidi E.
Portland, OR

One of, if not the best ethics presentations I've seen. Wonderful!

Lori P.
Virginia Beach, VA

I really enjoyed this speaker. He was very engaging and kept my attention throughout.

Brian E.
Montgomery Village, MD

Excellent concept for ethics

Joris h.
New York, NY

Outstanding discussion by an experienced lawyer who understands the essence of integrity, which is being true to thyself.

JoAnne P.
Freeport, NY

Excellent. Thought provoking Thank you.

Euticha H.
Gloucester Point, VA

Wonderful seminar. Thank you for offering this speaker.

Jennie W.
Washington, DC

Very interesting and useful. Thank you!

Scott G.
Corvallis, OR


Herndon, VA

Best class yet.

John A. M.
McLean, VA

Outstanding lecture by a committed, articulate, and highly knowledgeable expert practitioner. One of the best ethics lectures I've heard during my many years of practice. Highly recommended!

Ellis B.
Mechanicsville, VA

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