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Legal & Business Implications of International IP Disputes and Litigation

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Created on October 11, 2021




In this global economy, many companies' operations have an international component. Some may sell products in multiple countries. Some may source products or components thereof manufactured in another country. And some may operate in multiple countries. Inevitably, more and more companies face intellectual property (IP) disputes domestically and internationally. 

This program will discuss many legal and business implications of international IP disputes and help U.S. lawyers better understand and handle these implications. 

The course will benefit in-house lawyers and outside counsel who may advise clients that are doing business internationally. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Spot common international IP issues among companies doing business internationally 

  2. Reduce risks of potential IP disputes proactively 

  3. Discuss how the principles of international comity implicate certain IP litigations in the United States

  4. Analyze legal and business implications of international IP disputes and litigation

  5. Advise clients facing IP disputes from an international perspective

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