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Lawyers & Gray Area Drinking: Examining Our Drinking Habits with Curiosity and Compassion

1h 5m

Created on April 12, 2022





In this interview-style program, Alyssa Johnson interviews Certified Burnout & Alcohol Coach Wendy McCallum on "gray area drinking," how to identify if a lawyer is a gray area drinker, the issues it can cause in a lawyer's life, and how to change one's relationship to alcohol with curiosity and compassion. The ethical implications of drinking alcohol for lawyers are discussed in detail.

Course Objectives:

  1. Explore the alcohol use spectrum and where gray area drinking falls on the spectrum

  2. Identify the differences between gray area drinking and a severe alcohol use disorder (also known as alcoholism)

  3. Receive specific tools for examining attorneys' alcohol consumption and determining if you may be a gray area drinker

  4. Understand the ethical implications of extensive alcohol consumption for lawyers

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