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Kinship Proceedings in New York Surrogate's Court


Created on February 25, 2022





This program will provide a detailed overview of kinship proceedings in the New York Surrogate's Court from commencement to conclusion. When a person dies without a will, and the closest living relatives are distant (like cousins) a kinship proceeding is often necessary to determine who is entitled to inherit from the decedent's estate. This course will define what a kinship proceeding is, the various parties to a kinship proceeding, the substantive and procedural laws that govern kinship proceedings, and the tools and strategies necessary for success. 

Kinship proceedings are governed by an amalgamation of laws and regulations. This course provides an easy-to-use, organized guide to kinship proceedings. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the kinship proceeding process from begging to end

  2. Determine when kinship proceedings are necessary

  3. Review the relevant laws and regulations that govern kinship proceedings

  4. Identify the parties to a kinship proceeding, and their various roles and interests

  5. Examine best practices in creating a winning strategy and preparing for the hearing, no matter the size of the estate or budget

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