Killer Cross Examination Strategies

Production Date: November 20, 2014 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 3781 minutes


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Have you always wanted to conduct that killer cross examination? In this program, experienced trial attorney Andrew J. Smiley goes through a step-by step process for preparing and conducting a highly effective cross examination.  Mr. Smiley illuminates everything from how to “digest” a transcript in the preparation phase to where to stand and how to move during questioning to make the biggest impact.


This course is perfect for novice trial attorneys or experienced trial attorneys looking to pick up some new tricks of the trade.


Learning Objectives:

I. Prepare the cross examination by:

   • Digesting a transcript in the preparation phase

   • Evaluating the witnesses

   • Planning best practices

II. Conduct the cross examination utilizing: 

   • The direct examination for the cross

   • Proper placement and movements during questioning for biggest impact




Meichelle M.

Very informative

Julian T.
Springfield, MA

This was fantastic! Hope to take more courses from this instructor.

William G.
Buffalo, NY

Very well done

Jonathan B.
Stratford, CT

something you could listen multiple times

Gerald G.
East Brunswick, NJ

Excellent presentation, extremely useful and informational.

Horacio L.
Marina del Rey, CA

THIS was a course worth taking. I give it an A plus.

Shauna H.
Ontario, CA

Great presentation. Thank you for the actual examples of outlines and digests of transcripts. Very helpful for visual learners.

Howard K.
Del Mar, CA

He is a GREAT presenter!!

esther s.
Cedarhurst, NY

very informative

Judith R.
Short Hills, LB

Excellent instructor

Mayo B.
White Plains, NY

Great points. Wonderful and concise presentation

Robert M.
Flag Pond, TN

Exceptional speaker!

Joseph R.
Fall River, MA

This course offered the highest quality and most effective advice/tips among all the courses I've taken thus far on lawline.

George T.
Oxford, CT

very cogent

Michael H.
Duson, LA

Like the analogy...special ops, not the battalion.

A.Lawrence L.
Fairfield, CT

One of the better courses taken. Excellent summary/refresher of the basics of cross examination. Highly recommended.

Andrea S.
Manhattan, NY

An excellent presentation.

Corey E.
Renton, WA

Thank you

Ronald W.
Florham park, NJ

He gave great examples of how to cross-examine witnesses.

Gerry L.
Roslyn, NY

useful tips & strategies

James K.
Manhattan, NY

very helpful. my first lawline course.

Susan M.
Rensselaer, NY

Andrew Smiley was great!

Simon S.

very helpful insights.

Anita M.
Washington, DC

An amazing presenter. I will look for more of his courses.

Farid M.
New York, NY


Duane D.
Hendersonville, TN

one of the best CLE courses ever!

Theodore P.
Chicago, IL


Kelly R.
Flagstaff, AZ

Great course--really clear, straightforward refresher.

Steve W.
Highland Park, IL

Great refresher for trial cross examination techniques.

Joseph F.
ossining, NY

Great presentation.

Thomas S.
Chicago, IL


William D.
Chesterfield, MO

I will archive and continue to refer to course and course materials.

Jerry L G.
Owensboro, KY

Best one so far - very clear and concise.

Jeffrey F.
Harrison, NY

good program

Iris G.
Beverly Hills, CA

Very interesting and great example!

Ruth G.
Atlanta, GA

This man is a genius!

Rich W.
Rockford, IL

Great presentation. Great advice.

Morse G.
West Hempstead, NY

KISS. Keep it simple..... Which he does v ery well. Excellent.

robert s.

wonderful lecturer, calm, relazed, in control of the subject matter !!!!

Kirk L.
New York, NY

Terrific presentation - probably the best one I have listened to with Lawline. Hope he has other presentations with Lawline.

Nicholas F.

Mr. Smiley is an excellent speaker.

Shannon S.
New York, NY

excellent informative presentation

Lawrence F.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation.

Edward P.
Lake Barrington, IL

This was an exceptionally good course. One of the best I have seen.

George S.
Indianapolis, IN

Presenter was excellent

Rina P.

HE is a great speaker on this topic!

Zvi S.
San Diego, CA


David W.
Miami Beach, FL

Smiley is a great lecturer

Joseph S.
Melville, NY

Excellent speaker. Very well done.

Judith H.
St. Clair Shores, MI


Sali R.
Scarsdale, NY

I thought Andrew Smiley did a great job.

thomas t.
chicago, IL

outstanding in tone, content, flow, clarity

Lloyd F.
Boynton Beach, FL

Entertaining and effective presentation.

Diane E.
Justice, IL

excellent review

Kathleen W.
Moorpark, CA

Outstanding presentation.

Kristine R.
West Palm Beach, FL

Used great examples.

Terrel T.
Idaho Falls, ID

Thank you

Annie K.
Glendora, CA

Excellent presenter.

Kenneth R.
Manhattan Beach, CA

This guy is really good. I've seen a few of his presentations.

Douglas W.
Omak, WA

good presentation

jennifer m.
Tampa, FL

great tips

Neil S.
Pompano Beach, FL

great speaker

Delisa B.
Fort Belvoir, VA

Mr. Smiley is one of my favorite presenters.

Gwaina W.
West Hartford, CT

Excellent topic and information !

Ilan W.
Los Angeles, CA


Benjamin D.
Hawthorne, NJ


Michael W.
New York, NY

Great Class

Gregory D.
Moscow, ID

Mr. Smiley's presentation on cross examination was very helpful. He gave concrete practical advice for the proper way to prepare for and conduct a good cross.

John v.
franklin lakes, NJ

Killer course! Good presentation with practical information. Excellent presenter.

John H.
Manhattan, NY

Good presentation

James O.
Olympia, WA

Fantastic! Thanks Andrew.

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

Andrew's presentation and teaching are excellent!!! He has a way of making one feel comfortable in preparing for trial and cross examination!! It's not some overwhelming task if you prepare, think carefully about what you want to establish, and realize that you don't have to be a Clarence Darrow to try a case and cross examine witnesses!! You get the feeling that you can be yourself, do your homework, and feel confident that you can get all the apples for your basket for use in closing argument!! Really nice!!!

New York, NY


David C.
Portland, ME

Andrew Smiley delivered an entertaining program that was very informative.

Jaime P.
Dover, NH

Great presenter

Susan P.
Saluda, NC

Excellent presenter and content. I will watch this again.

Stephen C.
Carpentersville, IL

Mr Smileys programs are the absolute best.

Sharyn R.
Buffalo, NY

well done!

Vera S.
Key Biscayne, FL


Andrew B.
New York, NY

Great presentation on cross examination. You will definitely pick up some useful tips here.

Kenneth Lee M.
Virginia Beach, VA

Top notch program. Excellent speaker.

Tadia W.
Lawrenceville, GA

Very good presentation!

Dane R.
Hanover, PA

Good basic preparation course.

Thomas S.
Sanford, NC

Excellent presenter.

Andrew T.
Gastonia, NC

my first time using lawliine and I am very impressed at how enjoyable it is.One does not get the feel as if the have to take is because it is required , Learnig is enjoyable.

Edwin s.
coconut creek, FL

Good program

Dock H.

good presentation!

Jenna W.
Chesapeake, VA

Good course, well spoken speaker, would have simply enjoyed him going a bit more in-depth, possibly a two hour course.

David H.
Washington, DC

I enjoyed this speaker. His examples and strategies were easy to follow and will be easy to apply in practice.

Caitlin Y.
Queens, NY


Linda A.
Laguna Hills, CA

Excellent !

Stephen C.
Louisville, KY

Excellent presenter. Utilize his knowledge and experience in as many trial-related courses as possible.

William D.
tallahassee, FL


Nina Anne G.
Sausalito, CA

Excellent; thorough and very interesting speaker.

Tiffany M.
Portland, OR

Fantastic! I'd love to hear more from this presenter.

Michael E.
New York, NY

This is a nice program for a novice.

Bethanni F.
Louisville, KY

presenter was excellent

Paul M.
, NY

Excellent speaker, as always

Kay B.

Hands-on CLE is great. Presenter did excellent job and had great examples for us to follow.

B.Casey Y.
Newport Beach, CA

Great presentation; great ideas for cross-x prep

Melvin A.
Encino, CA

Terific course and Mr Smiley is very very good.

Dwight B.
Flatwoods, KY


Kathy M.
Amarillo, TX

Well done presentation! Thank you!

Marvin W.
Hamburg, NJ

He kept it simple, and while not said directly, his examples of questions to ask and how to ask them were even more instructional on how to deal with a jury.

Richard K.
Niceville, FL


Rachel T.
Saint Paul, MN


Timothy S.
East Greenbush, NY


Sharon E.
Wilmington, DE

Superb presentation.

Bess S.
Evanston, IL

Informative and captivating.

Jeffrey V.
Lexington, SC

Exceptionally practical, especially for attorneys new to trial work and depositions

Samantha R.
Collegeville, PA


Ranakdevi L.


Neelam B.
Greensboro, NC

This was very good!

Gerard S.
North Collins, NY

great presentation. held my interest to the end.

Stacie H.
Lakewood, OH

Very well organized. Great speaker and examples. Very useful.

Joseph S.
West Columbia, SC

Excellent presenter!

Clara K.
New York, NY

Excellent presenter

Joseph C.
Auburn, NY

Great course confirming and giving confidence to what I have done in the past

James L P.
Chicago, IL

Smiley is the best.

Richard M.
Saint Paul, MN

Good seminar.

Faye L.
Ahoskie, NC

Mr. Smiley was a great presenter. Clear and precise.

Kathy R.
Durham, NC

Very impressive presentation.

Bryan L.
New York, NY

He's a very good presenter.

Robert S.
Anaheim, LB

Fantastic. good review for any lawyer seasoned or not

Rodrick W.
Chicago, IL

one of the best presenters for Lawline.

Mark J.
Minneapolis, MN

Useful primer or refresher on cross exam skills, even for veterans.

Soraya H.
Brooklyn, NY

This was an excellent course. Please consider having an entire set of trial techniques presented by Andrew Smiley, eg: jury selection, opening and summation etc. Also, it would be great to have a deposition cle course conducted by Mr. Smiley. I appreciate

Hanna C.
Port Ludlow, WA

Extremely valuable CLE - one of the best I've seen.

Carl R.
Champaign, IL

I wish Andrew had taught at my law school.

keith k.
aquebogue, NY

Excellent presentation

Newark, DE

Attorney Smiley was articulate and thorough in his description of the dos and don'ts

Jerry Geza T.
Flushing, NY

He knows his subject. That's the main thing. Good information.

Daniel H.
Bedford, NY

This was a very effective course.

Carla R.
Pelham Manor, NY

Effective instructor. I enjoyed this course very much.

Nicholas M.
Staten Island, NY

Very informative, would watch again

L. Zoe T.
Chicago, IL

Excellent speaker, excellent presentation!

Kevin S.
Yorktown Heights, NY

Smiley is the best. I wish he did a course on direct examinations.

Quentin H.
Winston Salem, NC

The supplementary materials and visual aids were extremely helpful. In particular, it was helpful to see the presenter's own notes/materials used for his cross-examinations. This gives us a good idea of what to expect, but also provides a basis for formin

Willie P.
Durham, NC

On point.

America Mary S.
Mount Pleasant, SC

really well organized excellent web format too.

John G.
Durham, NC

Great material; well presented.

Jason R.
Charlotte, NC

Very informative.

Jeffrey B.
New York, NY


Gregory S.
New York, NY

Excellent lecture with practical suggestions and good examples.

Joseph K. S.
Manhattan, NY

The speaker had good advice and delivered it effectively.

Angela V.
Jacksonville, NC

Excellent Speaker!!!

Sherryl W.
Monroe, NC

Excellent seminar!!! The speaker was engaging and the materials something I can definitely refer back to when preparing for cross.

Frederick J.
Jackson, GA

very knowledgable and succinct

anne o.
Brooklyn, NY

presenter excellent, as always

Jeffrey M.
Livonia, MI

Very nice nuts and bolts presentation with an eye towards strategy.

Jerod M.
Pleasant Hill, CA

Outstanding presentation. Very engaging.

Brian M.
Thousand Oaks, CA


Lina M.
Thousand Oaks, CA


Nancy M.
San Anselmo, CA

he was very practical. good straightforward info

John P.
Huntington, NY

Great Job!

Kenneth G.
Manhattan, NY

Smooth, polished and articulate presentation

Gertrude L.
New York, NY


Thad D.
Birmingham, AL

Great job!

Chris T.
New York, NY

Andrew Smiley knows what he is doing. He explains the art of preparing for cross examination well, and he keeps you interested. A+

claudia b.
Keansburg, NJ

great instructor!

Stephen D.
Long Beach, CA


Joseph D.
Tacoma, WA

Great Seminar

Forrest W.
Leesburg, VA

Excellent Speaker.

Patricia W.
Albuquerque, NM

great speaker direct and to the point. will take his other courses.

James E.
Las Vegas, NV

One of the best courses.

MIchael G.
Chicago, IL

That lawyer, Smiley, is great. plain and simple, great teacher.

Rowel M.
Diamond Bar, CA

Excellent course! Very helpful.

Susan M.
Sag Harbor, NY

clear and concise. use of outline notes particularly helpful

Jennifer C.
Malta, NY

Killer Presentation!

hester m.
Federal Way, WA

Really top-notc h. I liked the fact that even though the speaker is obviously somebody who can be very dramatic in the courtroom when needed, his presentation was not about dramatic skills but about the logical strategy that any lawyer can use, whether h

Shana B.
Olympia, WA

I always enjoy Mr. Smiliey's presentations. Thanks

Melody C.
Bainbridge Island, WA

Great presentation. Useful as a refresher and even picked up some new ideas.

Caroline D.
St. Louis, MO

Excellent speaker

Beverly S.
Princeton, NJ


Andrew S.
Poulsbo, WA

good job

Eileen N.
Seattle, WA

He's really terrific.