Juvenile Injustice: The Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Convictions

Production Date: June 27, 2017 Practice Areas: Criminal Law, Family & Matrimonial Law, Civil Rights, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3604 minutes


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Every year, 1.5 million youth are arrested across the country. The moment each of these children encounters the police, a record is created. These records are not confidential. They do not disappear when the young person’s case is closed or when they become an adult. These records interfere with children’s opportunities to move ahead in life and demonstrate their ability to make better choices.

Juvenile records are increasingly available to the public and have the potential to affect a young person’s ability to enroll in a higher educational institution, obtain employment, obtain housing, or enlist in the military. Yet, few youth are informed of the devastating effects of their juvenile records and the possibility of their sealing or expungement. In this program, the faculty will provide an overview of the state of the law on juvenile records – how they become public and their effects on young people long after they have been released from the system. This program is taught by veteran advocate for juvenile record protection Riya Saha Shah, the Senior Supervising Attorney of the Juvenile Law Center, and Dina Lexine Sarver, a law student with personal experience in the juvenile justice system. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Understand the far-reaching and severe consequences of having a juvenile delinquency record
  2. Appreciate the legal, economic, social, and emotional impact of those consequences
  3. Recognize the practical barriers to expungement and sealing of juvenile records
  4. Review statutory framework nationwide for optimal record protection
  5. Identify best practices for providing youth and families with information about the consequences of juvenile records and their options for expungement

Janet B.
Chana, IL

Well done

Robin B.
McHenry, IL

Outstanding course! Very informative.

Pat C.
Deer Park, IL

Good Topic

John C. T.
Yonkers, NY

fine lecture

James O.
Olympia, WA

One of the BEST CLE's I have ever seen! Thank you from someone who works in Juvenile Justice.

G. Christine P.
Minneapolis, MN

I so prefer the panel format for webinars, if only to get away from the hour-long talking head. In this case, however, the combination of the speakers increased the value of the program immensely. Both were effective speakers, both were well-prepared -- nothing new for Lawline -- and Dina's story was extremely affecting. I highly recommend this program.

Stacy R.
Muskogee, OK

I am absolutely shocked by what I have learned in this one hour presentation! Dina's Story is an unbelievable nightmare. Everyone should watch this program and know where your state is on expunging juvenile records.

C. T. A.
Hope, AR

That was really a good presentation. Loved the personal story. This should be made available as a public service for all non-profit organizations that work with juveniles. They need to hear this. I have a presentation to a group of juveniles, and plan to share this info. I also may include pro bono expungement services for juveniles as a part of my practice. Thanks.

Steven K.
Sioux Falls, SD

Excellent clarity on juvenile records, and variance of treatment of such records in different jurisdictions.

Brandan B.
Minneapolis, MN

This talk was very relevant and timely. In Minnesota our new expungement law took effect a couple of years ago and this presentation helped me immensely.

Amy R.
Hot Springs National Park, AR

The speakers did a great job. One of my favorite seminars so far

Richard m.
Little Rock, AR

Great subject matter. Both presenters were excellent.