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Is the Sky the Limit? Practice Tips for Keeping Your Fees in the Ethical Atmosphere

1h 2m

Created on May 14, 2020





Join experienced practitioner Kenneth Craig Dobson for a discussion on how to keep your fees ethical in today's changing legal landscape. In addition to determining how much to charge, lawyers must also consider the fee structure they will use and how they will handle fees once they are paid. Furthermore, in some circumstances, lawyers might increase fees once the case has begun. While engaging in this complex decision-making, lawyers must always consider their fee structure within the context of applicable ethics rules. Examine the many ethical rules that apply to attorneys' fees in order to maintain compliance at all times.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Consider important questions when determining fees such as "How much is too much with respect to legal fees?" or "Is there such a thing as charging too little?"

  2. Define unreasonable expenses

  3. Identify important considerations when choosing a fee structure

  4. Discuss where to deposit upfront, unearned legal fees

  5. Examine when a lawyer can modify a fee agreement to increase legal fees

  6. Review which states rules apply under different circumstances

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