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Is Starting Your Own Law Firm Right for You? Taking Control of Your Professional Destiny by Going Solo


Created on September 02, 2021




Using her experience opening her own law firm in 2014, speaker Barbara Zabawa will show attorneys the early steps to take in starting an independent law practice, including key points discussed in her new book, The Tug: Finding Purpose and Joy through Entrepreneurship. Ms. Zabawa is an experienced attorney with a wealth of knowledge advising attorneys on how to successfully develop wellness programs in the legal workplace. She is also the co-author of Rule the Rules of Workplace Wellness Programs, published by the American Bar Association.

In this useful program, attorneys will learn how to weigh the pros and cons of opening and managing their own law practice, including issues relating to workload, resources, and financial considerations. Program attendees will gain the insight to answer the question, "Is starting your own law firm right for you?" This course will also highlight how entrepreneurship in the form of starting a law firm can enhance a lawyer's wellbeing by giving them more control over their life. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the steps involved in becoming a legal entrepreneur
  2. Analyze the connection between attorneys' career control and wellbeing

  3. Consider how the "Gig Economy" promotes entrepreneurship for attorneys

  4. Determine if entrepreneurship is a good fit in light of attendees' law practice and goals

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