IP Issues in Canada & Canada's Anti-Spam Laws

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Produced on: June 24, 2015

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Time 90 minutes
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Companies who seek to protect intellectual property in Canada and abide by the Canadian anti-spam laws may assume that the same rights are applied in Canada as the United States. This course provides information and insights for U.S. companies (and individuals) regarding topics relating to intellectual property protection in Canada and the newly introduced anti-spam laws of Canada. 


In this program, Miller Thomson lawyer, patent agent and trademark agent Dr. Karen Durell discusses and provides information about various types of intellectual property protection in Canada, including trademark, patent, copyright and industrial design protection, as well as anti-spam laws in force in Canada (as of 2014 and early 2015). In particular, the program highlights how laws in force in Canada differ from similar laws applied in the U.S.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand intellectual property rights in Canada

II.   Summarize Canada’s anti-spam law

III.  Identify the differences between the U.S. and Canadian laws




Dr. Karen Durell

Miller Thomson LLP

Karen Durell practices intellectual property ("IP") law. She advises technology companies with respect to their unique issues relating to IP procurement as well as intellectual asset management. Her practice focuses upon the development of tailored legal strategies for public and private innovators. In doing so, Dr. Durell draws on her background in technology and law.


As a registered patent agent, Dr. Durell is involved in drafting and prosecuting original patents, with particular focus in the areas of software, information technology and mechanical innovation. She additionally advises national and international groups on issues of technology and IP law, acting to address IP law development and inform policy-decisions.


Dr. Durell is experienced in assisting companies with a wide-range of technology related agreements, as well as general corporate matters. She has been involved in corporate transactions ranging from public offerings to corporate maintenance as well as aspects of IP transactions including, the preparation of licenses, joint innovation agreements, and technology transfer deals. She also has expertise in managing IP audits and conducting IP due diligence.


Presently Dr. Durell is active in initiatives to maximize the impact of university-based research and innovation. She works closely with national centres for excellence on a number of different ventures that involve national and international public-sector partners.


Dr. Durell is involved in speaking on various IP issues. She has delivered presentations and seminars on IP, ethics and intellectual asset management to a variety of audiences including academics, students, policy-makers, government, scientists and public forums. Dr. Durell is widely published on topics of IP, IP transactions, intellectual asset management and patent law specifically. She has also taught and tutored courses in IP and ethics at the Faculties of Law and Medicine at McGill University and the Faculté de droit, Université de Sherbrooke.


Dr. Durell has been awarded a doctoral degree (DCL) by the Faculty of Law, McGill University. Her thesis examines the intersection of contract legal principles and IP assets in IP transactions.


Professional Achievements: 

  • Registered Patent Agent, Canada, 2004
  • Registered Trade-mark Agent, Canada, 2009
  • Registered Trademark Agent, U.S., 2010


Neil O.

Very well done. I appreciated the instructor's attention to differences between Canadian law and analogous law in other jurisdictions.

Frank B.

She was very good.

Paul S.

Really excellent overview of Canadian IP and Anti-Spam law!

Natasa K.

Really well done - thank you!

Stephen M.

Superb content and delivery.

Jessica B.

Good coverage of the differences between Canada and US IP law

Christyann P.

great overview

Eric W.

Great class

Charles W.

Good program

Dawn L.

This presentation was very informative about the differences between US and Canadian IP Law. The speaker was well-informed and pleasant to listen to.

Ashley W.

This instructor is engaging, clear, and easy to watch. Thanks!

Retha M.

Articulate summary of Canadian IP areas of practice plus changes arising from Anti-Spam law. Excellent.

Elizabeth Z.

Thank you!

Tamara F.

Terrific speaker. The information was presented clearly, and was informative.

Richard D.


Nancy S.

Excellent, clear coverage

Rebecca D.

Very informative.

Michele S.

great info

Lea G.

Dr. Miller was very good. I really enjoyed her presentation.

Justin J.

Good high level overview

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