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Introduction to the Fair Labor Standards Act

1h 4m

Created on September 18, 2017




Sooner or later, almost every lawyer will have occasion to confront the Fair Labor Standards Act. Over the last decade, FLSA cases have increased dramatically in the federal courts. Yet, to many, the FLSA seems labyrinthine and overwhelming. For example, there are no FLSA "class actions" but rather "collective actions" that procedurally proceed entirely differently. This course will allay any fears by providing an overview of the law and the types of wage situations it addresses. It will concentrate on identifying the pitfalls that can arise and highlight the leading areas and issues in current FLSA litigation.

The course is presented by Seth R. Lesser, one of the founding partners of Klafter Olsen & Lesser LLP, and an acknowledged leader in the plaintiffs' wage and hour bar. He has tried one of the few and most significant FLSA collective action lawsuits to have gone through trial and his firm has handled innumerable individual and collective FLSA actions.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Provide an overview of the FLSA
  2. Highlight the most significant areas of litigation, including exemption cases, independent contract cases, off-the-clock cases and doffing and donning cases
  3. Address hot topics in litigation
  4. Provide practical advice on handling FLSA claims when they arise

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