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Introduction to Single Asset Real Estate (SARE) Bankruptcy Cases


Created on November 02, 2021





Single Asset Real Estate ("SARE") cases involve a common type of bankruptcy debtor whose primary estate asset is a single piece of property or project that generates substantially all of the debtor's income. When confronted with this kind of debtor, bankruptcy attorneys must account for specific SARE concerns in addition to typical bankruptcy practices and strategies. 

The course will provide a brief overview of SARE concepts and implications for creditors and debtors. The curriculum will delve into some of the key issues that typically arise in a SARE case including the automatic stay, cash collateral, disclosure statements, plans of reorganization, and litigation concerns.

This program will benefit both creditors' and debtors' counsel by highlighting key SARE concepts.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define and understand SARE

  2. Examine SARE issues relating to the automatic stay, cash collateral, disclosure statements, plans reorganization, and litigation concerns

  3. Identify SARE impact upon creditors and debtors

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