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Introduction to Pretrial False Claims Act Litigation

1h 5m

Created on July 25, 2023





The False Claims Act, which dates back to the Lincoln Administration, provides the government the right to pursue individuals or entities that file or cause to be filed false or fraudulent claims for payment or approval with the Government.

The statute has "qui tam" provisions that allow private individuals - known as Relators - to file suit on behalf of the government. The government has a right to intervene in and take over these suits, but where the government elects not to do so, the Relator may pursue action on behalf of the government and secure a bounty.

Recent years have seen a trend whereby more and more suits are being pursued by Relators - and their counsel - absent government intervention.

From case investigation to pleading and motions practice, this 60-minute CLE program, presented by Reuben Guttman, will provide an introductory boot camp on False Claims Act pretrial advocacy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze key provisions of the False Claims Act

  2. Identify the steps of the False Claims Act pretrial process

  3. Learn how to reverse engineer cases and front-load the litigation

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