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Introduction to Music Law

1h 1m

Created on February 06, 2020




This course provides an overview of the structure of the music business and the copyright and other legal framework for the music industry. Topics will include copyright ownership and transfers, work-for-hire and fair use, the role of music publishers, record labels, performing rights organizations such as ASCAP and BMI, and other licensing collectives, including the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) to be created under the recently enacted federal Music Modernization Act.

This class will be taught by Marc D. Ostrow, Esq., an attorney in private practice focusing in the areas of copyright and entertainment law, with a particular emphasis in the music business and an Adjunct Professor of Music Law at Cardozo Law School.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of the music business and the role that labels, music publishers and licensing collectives play

  2. Examine how various copyright rights in songs and recordings are licensed

  3. Discuss various income streams for songwriters and recording artists, including the distinction between artist and writer royalties and how they are dealt with. 

  4. Identify the key deal points in songwriter and recording 

  5. Become familiar with how songs are licensed for film, TV, games, and other uses

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