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Introduction to Landlord and Tenant Litigation in New York Part 3: Bringing a Case to a Satisfying Conclusion (Stipulations of Settlement, Trials, Eviction Day, and Beyond)

1h 36m

Created on April 19, 2024





In this class we explore the things that come toward the end of a landlord and tenant matter, although last does not make these important issues least. We will be exploring the many routine and specialized clauses of a stipulation of settlement or a buyout agreement, the steps to take to evict or prevent an eviction, how to make a motion for attorney's fees, and stays pending appeal.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Negotiate and prepare robust stipulations of settlement in landlord and tenant cases.
  2. Negotiate and prepare buyout agreements in landlord and tenant cases.
  3. Prepare for and supervise a successful eviction day (or delay one).
  4. Recover attorney's fees (for either landlord or tenant) in the aftermath of a landlord and tenant case.
  5. Seek a stay pending appeal.

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