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Introduction to Knowledge for Small Business Clients in Texas

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Produced on July 24, 2017

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Course Information

Time 1h 32m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Business, Corporate, & Securities

Course Description

Most business law classes in law school or even CLEs are designed to teach you lofty legal doctrine, and applicable situations for multi-billion dollar corporations, but very rarely are lawyers equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to provide advice and support to the small business owner. Supporting the small business owner as an in-house legal counsel, a concierge in-house counsel, or on retainer, requires the ability to identify the issues most likely to trip up the small business owner, and navigate the client through the day-to-day aspects of running his small or family business in an ethical and fulfilling manner.

This course, led by attorney Elizabeth Alvarez-Bingham, is designed to be an introduction to the knowledge that successful business lawyers need to effectively provide counsel to their small business clients in way that supports the often very different goals of the small business owner.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the various business models most often utilized by the small business owner, and how to formulate them
  2. Develop partnership agreements and bylaws for small business organizations that will avoid many of the unfortunate legal consequences of interpersonal conflict issues that can arise
  3. Discuss how to prepare the client and steer them away from the problems associated with their business model
  4. Understand the importance of succession planning for the small business owner and the different tools at your disposal, such as cash reserves and insurance policies
  5. Review how to adjust your advice and communication method for the different standards a small business holder has

Credit Information

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Elizabeth Alvarez-Bingham

Law Office of Elizabeth Alvarez

Elizabeth Alvarez is an attorney from the Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex. As a graduate with honors of both Abilene Christian University and Pepperdine University School of Law, she would classify herself as a true Judge Jack Pope fellow. Elizabeth is the principal of The Law Office of Elizabeth Alvarez in Plano, Texas where her practice focuses on concierge in-house counsel for small businesses, statewide and county elections, and immigration. 

She has participated in immigration round-tables at many levels, including, but not limited to policy conversations on the immigration bill presented by Senator Marco Rubio and on an advisory panel with other attorneys, immigration activists, academics, and policy makers assembled by Texas State Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples. In particular during Staples’ last term to study how border security and immigration matters affect legal immigrants and citizens alike living in Texas border towns and beyond. Among the panel’s recommendations was the development of a new and innovative work visa program for agriculture workers and others to increase access to Employment Authorization Documents among the immigrant population. She’s taught CLEs in immigration and business association law and speaks regularly on responsible corporate governance and immigration at local colleges around the DFW Metroplex.

Elizabeth has spoken at the International Justice Mission International Prayer Conference in Uganda as well as worked with the International Justice Mission to address the needs of war-torn Ugandan displaced persons and victimized men, women, and children. She has worked with Restore International there to put on Judicial Workshops for the countries of the East African Union on International Law as it pertains to women, children, and victims of war-time violence. As a clerk for the Ugandan High Court and Supreme Court, she helped write an opinion that outlawed Female Genital Mutilation in Uganda. Elizabeth feels deeply that being an attorney gives people the unique ability to help those that cannot help themselves and finds her job incredibly rewarding. When she is not practicing law, she donates her time to the local Republican Party of Dallas County, where she has served as Chair of Community Engagement, Vice Chairman, and Victory Chair. Elizabeth and her husband Casey Bingham also volunteer their time to the Youth Ministry at their church, Greenville Oaks Church of Christ in Allen, Texas. She and her husband live in Spring Park, Texas, with their three cats Dagny, Taggart, and Luna.


Travis P.

This was one of the best CLE videos available on this site. The attorney who gave this presentation was excellent.

Daniel M.

An hour and one half packed with very useful information, which was presented in a well organized manner, and easy to understand.

Steve M.

very practical information provided.

Robert L.

Very informative with practical information. Highly recommend this class

Christopher M.

Great practical advice.

James W.

good refresher course even for an attorney that may be knowledgeable about business entities.

Dilip A.

Excellent presentation and contents

Kadra A.

I've been looking for a CLE focused on small business clients that covers everything necessary to represent them and this CLE was spot on! It hit all the points I expected as well as several I didn't. I really enjoyed the course. Thanks!

Lawrence L.

good job on this really helpful

Charles D. J.

The presenter was an excellent lecturer and covered more areas for an attorney hired to guide principals in the formulation of a small business in the time alloted than I would have thought possible.

Philippe F.

Excellent presenter!

Kelly H.

I really enjoyed this speaker.

carol b.

Very complete presentation. Speaker was knowledgeable and prepared.

Mark G.

Far more thorough and substantive than anticipated. I'll be reviewing the materials for a long time to come. GREAT PRESENTATION!

daphne p.

Excellent teaching on an are that is lacking. Thanks!

David W.

Excellent course with an excellent instructor!

Lawrence F.

An excellent job, with lots of common sense, and presented exceptionally well.

Travis I.

As a regulatory body with oversight of small business, it is important to recognize and appreciate challenges small business owners face.

Walter R.

Wonderful presentation. Excellent content and real life pointers.

Khristine M.

The multitude of examples were extremely helpful to understanding the subject matter.

Roger H.


Josefina B.

Excellent presentation. Very practical.

Robert S.

Excellent speaker.

Frank C.

Top notch presenter. She was prepared and gave an excellent and informative presentation.

kay m.

Excellent presentation. The speaker really knew her subject matter and was very informative.

Dede F.

Best one yet

Gregory E.

Great presentation

Rufus W.


Mattie A.


Fabian G.

Very informative. I enjoyed this video.

Lowell S.

Useful information

Misty C.

Excellent speaker!

Dax R.

A fine course for all career stages

Allan S.

Very thorough

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