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Introduction to Knowledge for Small Business Clients in Texas

1h 32m

Created on July 24, 2017




Most business law classes in law school or even CLEs are designed to teach you lofty legal doctrine, and applicable situations for multi-billion dollar corporations, but very rarely are lawyers equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to provide advice and support to the small business owner. Supporting the small business owner as an in-house legal counsel, a concierge in-house counsel, or on retainer, requires the ability to identify the issues most likely to trip up the small business owner, and navigate the client through the day-to-day aspects of running his small or family business in an ethical and fulfilling manner.

This course, led by attorney Elizabeth Alvarez-Bingham, is designed to be an introduction to the knowledge that successful business lawyers need to effectively provide counsel to their small business clients in way that supports the often very different goals of the small business owner.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the various business models most often utilized by the small business owner, and how to formulate them
  2. Develop partnership agreements and bylaws for small business organizations that will avoid many of the unfortunate legal consequences of interpersonal conflict issues that can arise
  3. Discuss how to prepare the client and steer them away from the problems associated with their business model
  4. Understand the importance of succession planning for the small business owner and the different tools at your disposal, such as cash reserves and insurance policies
  5. Review how to adjust your advice and communication method for the different standards a small business holder has

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