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Introduction to Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions in Virginia

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Time 61 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

Since the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Padilla v. Kentucky, criminal defense lawyers have an obligation to properly advise their clients regarding the immigration consequences of the charges pending against them and of any charges to which they may plead guilty. While the criminal defense lawyer cannot be expected to master all relevant areas of immigration law, understanding the basics is not only possible but indispensable. This course, presented by criminal law attorneys Emily Beckman and Joseph King, will provide an introduction to immigration consequences of criminal convictions, with a special focus on common pitfalls in Virginia misdemeanor practice and how they may be avoided.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand different immigration statuses and how the client’s immigration status affects the consequences of criminal convictions for that client
  2. Differentiate between removability, inadmissibility, and forms of relief from deportation
  3. Identify aggravated felonies and crimes involving moral turpitude
  4. Negotiate plea agreements that protect clients from immigration consequences, including deferred disposition agreements that comply with Crespo v. Holder, 631 F.3d 130 (4th Cir. 2011)


Joseph King

King, Campbell & Poretz PLLC

Joe King is a criminal defense attorney at King, Campbell & Poretz PLLC in Alexandria, Virginia. In his 13 years as a criminal defense attorney, he has represented hundreds of defendants facing potential immigration consequences from criminal charges as well as represented defendants in post-conviction proceedings who were unaware of the immigration consequences flowing from a criminal matter. Like Ms. Beckman, he is experienced at immigration-conscious plea bargaining and familiar with the practices of Northern Virginia state courts. 

Joe’s work in criminal defense has been recognized by top regional publications The Washingtonian (Best Lawyers – December 2015, 2013 and 2011 issues) and Northern Virginia Magazine (Best Lawyers – December 2016 and 2014 issues) as well as Virginia Super Lawyers.

Joe received his juris docturate cum laude from The University of Michigan Law School in 2003. He earned a masters degree in History from George Mason University in 1996 and a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Mary Washington College in 1992.

Emily Beckman

King, Campbell, & Poretz, PLLC

Emily Beckman is an experienced trial attorney with King, Campbell, & Poretz, PLLC, in Alexandria, Virginia, where she defends clients facing a wide range of criminal charges in Virginia and Maryland. In her eight years as a trial attorney with the Alexandria, Virginia, Office of the Public Defender, Ms. Beckman represented hundreds of immigrants facing a variety of criminal charges – from DUI and driving without a license to robbery and other serious felony charges. Before joining King, Campbell & Poretz, Ms. Beckman worked for the Maryland Office of the Public Defender in Montgomery County, Maryland. Ms. Beckman was a member of the Maryland OPD Immigration Team, and worked closely with Maryland OPD’s in-house immigration attorney to ensure her immigrant clients received competent advice on the immigration consequences of their pending charges. Ms. Beckman is experienced at immigration-conscious plea bargaining and familiar with the practices of Northern Virginia state courts. 

Ms. Beckman earned her juris doctorate from Yale Law School where she was a Senior Editor of the Yale Law Journal and clerked for Hon. Leonie M. Brinkema of the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. 


James R.

Very good primer.

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Very informative

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Thank you for the emails, offer of info./briefs, and other resources at the end.

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Very informative and helpful

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Very helpful for overview. G

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Excellent and informative

Susana O.

Provided practical and specific resources - great presentation

Senna A.

This is a complex and fascinating area of the law. I would love to see a class from Emily on how pro bono attorneys can help with immigration issues and one getting into the weeds a little more on some of these categories (possibly the latter is already available). Thanks!

Tyler C.

Good job!

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Excellent presentation.

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Very interesting, and well presented.


Great course. Summary chart alone is worth it!

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